Steps to Starting a Small Business Online Through Free Marketing Opportunities


Social media marketing sites are a great way to meet and network with other people. It provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts and for people to get to know you as a person rather than just another online entrepreneur. Sharing common interests often lead you to people that you can converse with and ultimately be able or have the opportunity to pitch your product. A few of these sites would be, and the many different forums that are available.

Video marketing is a very easy and free way to market your product or business. You can very easily produce videos with you talking about and explaining the ins and outs of your business. Another way to do videos is purely with words on the screen. Music can very simply be added. If you are going to video yourself I would highly recommend video’s with interesting backgrounds. The video with someone sitting at their desk is way over done and has reached the point of being boring. Pick an outside location that is interesting and eye catching. There are quite a few free sites to run your videos on. Of course the most well known is

Another free marketing tool is Here you create lenses and pages that act almost like a standalone website. The service is free. Your pages are the part of your account that remains constant and the lenses are unlimited in number and are created by you on any subject you choose. You can post comments on other sites and receive comments on your site. These lenses are searched by Google, yahoo, MSN etc. so you do get some leverage from these as well. They also work a little bit like social media but they can become the hub of all of your internet marketing.

Last but certainly not least are blogs. You can go to and set up a blog for free. You can do as many posts as you want and you can tie your blog back to your Squidoo pages if you would like. Blogs are another great way to make posts that are useful to other people and you can do posts about again, any subject you choose. This is not a site to go on and plaster people with advertising about your business but you can learn a lot here and share with others your knowledge which ultimately might get you business as well.

In conclusion there are many opportunities to include in your steps to starting a small business online. These are just a few of the many available free marketing tools that you can use. Social media has become huge in the last few years and YouTube is fun and user friendly as well. Blogs and Squidoo are great sources to claim some real estate online for your business and will serve you well.