Steps To Become a Comedian


Like many dream’s, the dream of becomign a comedian will not just fall into your lap. Even the best comedians of our time, Sandler, Chris Rock, Seinfeld and denis Leary all had to WORK for there future fame. Yes, they were most likely born with that special IT factor.

But you know, there are 1,000’s of people that are born with the ability to make people laugh.

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We all know people that can make us laugh just by looking t us a certain way. But that just isnt enough to make in the hard world of stand up. The steps to become a comedian can be boiled down to work ethic, drive and actually knowing how to put together your stand up routine.

We all know that you cant just get up on the stage on amateur night a start telling jokes. There is a rhythm to it. When we are on stage we have to be able to feel the timing, we have to anticipate the crowds reaction and whether or not its the right time to follow through with the punch line.

No matter how funny you are, it doesnt mean a thing if you cant worh the ENTIRE audience -at the SAME  time.

And just like most comedians before you, a little bit of help can and will make the difference in whether or not you make it as a  professional funny man/women, or if you crash and burn before you get off of the ground. What I have found is that by learning the actual comedian system, the system that will ensure you success when you hit the stage, you will NEVER fall flat on your face in the middle of your routine.

Introducing the “Killer Stand Up” comedian system.

The Killer Stand Up Comedy System is created by top stand up writer, Steve Roye.

Steve is the “Professor of Funny for Money”. He has created an actual step-by-step system for creating and writing a cant miss Comedy Routine. Because , when it boils down to it, the steps to becoming a comedian really do hinge on your ability to write. Writing a successful Stand Up routine will ensure your absolute success -EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You know how many Stand Up’s couldnt make a baby laugh without writing there routine first? Plenty. But if you can create the perfect routine day’s in advance, thats all that matters.

Steve’s Killer Stand Up Comedian system is used by the like’s of Alba Sanchez (HBO Latino) ,Mark Gladman(Professional Comedian) and Mike Williams (Professional Comedian) -and Many , Many Others. Many other comedian’s that , just like you, were willing to get the help they needed fromalready proven comedy/joke writers like Steve Roye.

Very rarely will you ever find an actual comedy system written by the likes of Steve Roye. In case you didnt know, comedy is VERY competitive .So when another comedian is willing give you the steps to become a comedian, it is probably a good idea to atleast check it out.

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Steps To Become A Comedian