Stephen Soos

.tags This is a short bio for Stephen>. Described as a serial entrepreneur Stephen has set up and run a number of successful businesses in several vertical markets. After a short stint in the US in the Mid 90’s, cutting his technology teeth on the famous I95 route before the dotcom bubble burst, Stephen was lucky enough to work on a number of major projects including some of the worlds first ecommerce back ends and engaged in a number of Venture fund raising projects with technology associates. Stephen is a pure technology evangelist, having created one of the very 1st fully functioning eCommerce sites in the UK based on the BPO model.

BPO is in his blood and his current highly successful venture, is a showcase of how to integrate a complete supply chain in order to augment the whole process from start to finish, including the client business in every touch point of the value chain so to leverage savings, better processes and add value. Crystal Medical is a demonstration of how to utilise lean Six> processes to streamline a business and cut costs. Those process and cost savings are passed directly to the customer in the form of cash savings and better service.

One of Stephen’s most notable achievements was starting Sigma Cryotec and developing some of the worlds most sophisticated and high quality bespoke vehicles for special use such as high end caf’s on wheels, one off specialist application vehicles and special patented fridge vans. Utilizing patented technology Stephen grew this business to become one of the biggest in the UK before selling out to Bonhoeffer group in 2006. At the height of the operation Stephen employed 45 skilled people in various roles from body technicians, through paint specialists to a team of highly skilled sales people.

Stephen founded the company initially to specialise in state of the art refrigeration systems for transport, but finished as an OEM and manufacturer of bespoke vehicle systems. Stephen grew the business from initial start to t/o of 10m in 3 yrs through direct sales, channel and strategic partnerships with blue chips, and acquisition

He developed the business product portfolio through acquisition and engineered products and brought to market major product initiatives such as bespoke vehicles. The success of the business was due to his ability to create harmony and encourage everyone to work toward the end vision.

Stephen successfully developed blue chip channel partners such as Mercedes and delivered substantial value through the whole buying chain up to and including customer service.

Sourced Chinese partners for technical and product development, including CAD, prototyping engineered parts and some electrical systems.

Experienced full life cycle from design, push flow manufacturing, QS implementation, to delivery and after sales support.

Stephens technology background is underpinned by a stint at one of the “Big 5” advisory firms where he was employed as a Senior Manager responsible for eCommerce across 19 EU countries. Clients included many big names such as HP, Motorola,