Staying In Bilbao

.tags Spain’s past and present has been filled with its incredible history with its empires as well as possessing some of the world’s most influential art and artists. The country is home to four languages, a wide range of landscapes and mountain ranges and is the home of two major European cities.

One of Spain’s most intriguing regions has to be the Basque region located in the North of Spain. Contrary to popular opinion, many people think that Bilbao is the capital of the Basque region due to its very large population and importance to Spain. Bilbao is the fifth largest city in Spain with a population of almost 1 million. The city of Bilbao is the second most industrialized city in Spain, significantly contributing to Spain’s economy. The origins of Bilbao’s famous industry are thanks to its Port and the export of Iron quarried in the region.

Bilbao as a tourist destination has a lot to offer, especially with the recent attempts to renovate the cities culture and arts. The best example of this is the inauguration of the Guggenheim museum which receives over half a million visitors each year. One exciting date to mark in your calendar is the yearly festival called the ‘Semana Grande’ involving bullfights, live music, street performers and nightly fireworks which lasts for 9 days.

If you are someone who enjoys sports there are many activities available in Bilbao and the surrounding area. Athletic Bilbao is the football team in the top Spanish division. Furthermore, the beaches of Sopelana are a great place for surfing. The nearby rocky mountains are used by many rock climbers and the countryside has some great hiking spots.

If you think that Bilbao is for you, then there are so many great places to stay. Hotels within Bilbao can be found all over the city, but it is recommended to stay in the centre of the city near Gran Via to fully enjoy everything that is on offer. A stay in a hotel in the centre of Bilbao will give you all the sights such as Plaza Eliptica, the Bilbao fine arts museum, Plaza Moyua and the Santiago cathedral. Other attractions close by are the Chavarri Palace and the Zubizuri Bridge offers a great view of the city lights at night.

Finally, Bilbao is the top destination for tourists within the Basque region, which definitely shows that Bilbao has a lot to offer for everyone.