Stay tuned to good music with DISH Network


Musical tunes are like a strong tonic that can rejuvenate your energy and make you feel fresh and healthy after the day’s long drawn toil and hard work. It can also act as soothing balm to those wretched souls who are heartbroken and sad. For every occasion in our life we can listen to music. We have music to grace the happy occasions like marriage, child birth and many more. We bask in festival fiesta with brilliant music and dancing. And music is again an integral part of human sadness. To tell in the Percy Bysshe Shelley (To a Skylark), ‘our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts’. In other words at times of sadness you sing song so that you can churn out all the sadness from our lives. That is why there are special songs sung thereby lamenting the death of our near and dear ones in our lives. In one word music has become part and parcel of human existence.

Understanding this verve of people, DISH Network, the premier Satellite TV provider of United States has started a bucket full of musical channels so that they regale the heart and mind of all the music lovers. In other words these channels are flooded with musical programs of all genres- starting from jazz, pop, hard rock to old classics; you will listen to them all from DISH TV channels. Keeping up the trends of the present day society you will also get to watch all the exciting reality shows on music and songs. Not only these show offer the podium for budding musicians to display their musical talents the audiences also get the special treat of listening to some very good musical numbers.

You may beg the question on the name of the specific channels that air all the exclusive programs on music and songs? Country Music Television is the video network for youthful country fans that plays non-stop contemporary country hits 24 hours a day. You can see this channel on DISH TV channel no. 166. Next in the row is MTV channel. Airing on DISH TV channel no. 160, this exclusive MTV is America’s leading music and entertaining network for the young people. Also there is MTV2, a twenty four hour musical video channel that is ideal for those music lovers who want a mix of music with all the facilities of interactive television.

DISH Network also offers 60 channels of commercial free SIRIUS Music round the clock. In order to nring home these melodious SIRIUS music channels, you have to sign up to America’s Top 120, the simplest of the DISH English packages that is available at price tag of $ 24.99/mo. Other packages like America’s “Everything” Pack and certain HD programming packages can enable you to listen to these SIRIUS musical channels. SIRIUS Hits 1 is one such channel that bring you all the latest buzz of the music world , whereas StarLite offers a rightful mix of music of both bygone days as well as some current musical blockbusters. Besides, SIRIUS Love, Totally 70’s, SIRIUS Gold, Underground Garage and many more are available for DISH Network music buffs.