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.tags 6 25 AP for 5 pm today, Gome to convene a national
TV Telephone conference, Chen Xiao, president officially announced that in addition to withdrawal
Triple Trading Company Directors nominated by supervisors, the right
Sanlian Group Open “fired”, listing the triple “three sins”, but claimed that from a strategic point of view, the reorganization in the end will bring.

Xiao-opening officially announced the withdrawal of the seventh triple Trading Company Board of Directors of candidates Chen Xiao, Wang Junzhou, Zhou Yafei, always honest and independent director candidates Hutian Sen, HE Zhen, Deng Jie, and the seventh Supervisory Committee candidates Weiqiu Li, Jun-Tao Li’s nomination, the national U.S. personnel will not participate in triple trading company on June 27 shareholder meeting.

Chen Xiao said the survey found that only part of the incomplete triple trading company assets, is a listed company can not independently operated. States United States announced include: non-exclusive right to use the brand only; only nine outlets, and eight stores in operation now reveal the problem, there is the risk of continued operation; listed company procurement, distribution, after sales service by 3 Alliance Group control.

Chen Xiao said the serious damage, including the United States is now the largest shareholder of the country, including the interests of all shareholders. Country United States had tried to communicate with the triple group, in the hope of listed companies have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals for business restructuring, but has not received satisfactory response. “If the United States rushed into the country at this time the board would lead to liability is not clear.” Chen Xiao said it revoked the nomination of their most direct and most important reason. Chen Xiao also said the United States to abandon the country that does not mean re-triple trading company, until these issues have been resolved, the States United States triple trading company as the largest shareholder, will hold a shareholder meeting in due course to draw, the restructuring of the board, promoting the restructuring process.

‘s Kexin Jinan June 25 hearing for the country U.S. comments published that afternoon, the reporter interviewed a triple the first time the head of the Group. The head of the United States on the country’s “declaration” means “hundred times” in the June 7 general meeting procedures have been initiated, only three days away from the shareholders meeting, when the General Assembly to issue such a “statement” practice “is absurd.”

Triple executives said the companies with only triple of the Direct retail stores, and brand and franchise system resources are on the outside of the structure of listed companies, this is a triple Group Reorganisation “Zhengbaiwen” the history formation. Gome shares in listed companies participate in the auction before the status of listed companies should have known, now hold this issue, took the lead unreasonable to demand other than the subject matter of sale of assets, not only contradictory, but the largest shareholder being sent Such comments also created confusion in the market.

Official told reporters from the “one shot”, the two sides have been some “unpleasant” things. Executives refused to place employees in the triple trading company seems, is a design good “trap.” Country United States has refused to send senior appointment, leading to triple trading company “idle” So far, normal operations can be seriously affected. April 30, a listed company of Dongying shop contract expires, the U.S. executives report to the States, without any response, Dongying shop had to renew short-term higher prices, are facing problems contract expires, while the States United States executive still, no longer cared. Tai-store rental companies contract expires, the owner is willing to lower price to renew the original contract, but the country still does not the U.S. executives to comment on whether the renewal, leading to the auction on the property owners. A surprising is that the U.S. company’s own country but come forward to bid at this time, the result was another

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Chain shot to go high, triple trading company had to close shop in Tai.