Starting Out In The World of Internet Marketing


When I started out in the world of Internet Marketing and decided to build my own successful online business …

Was I sceptical ? YES

Was I afraid to part with some money? YES

Did I know what it entailed? No, Not Really

Did I have any technical knowledge of Internet Marketing? That’s a BIG NO!

But what I did have was a wealth of knowledge and experience of life, as well as my various off line jobs throughout my career. Combine this with the belief that if other people have succeeded and made themselves a tidy sum, then that was where I wanted to be.

Not only that, but you get to work from home. My wife and I have a handsome young man in the making, Luke our 14 month old son is at home with me every day.

So are you sceptical? Or are you just afraid of something new, a new challenge. That’s what it is, a challenge. Becoming a successful Internet Marketer doesn’t happen overnight. If that is what you have been promised by someone or expect to get from me then think again. You see becoming a successful Internet Marketer takes time and some effort, but I enjoy it!

Are you afraid to spend some money? Well I know I was, but then I remembered that “there are no FREE lunches” and you have to “speculate to accumulate”. So I took the plunge and have never looked back. Although, I still keep a close eye on my outgoings as I don’t believe in paying for things that are simply not necessary. I do however pay for the essentials, Webhosting, an e-mail auto-responder, an automated tweet follower and the monthly membership to the Six Figure Mentors.

Do you know what it takes to be an Internet Marketer? You need to be able to market yourself, promote yourself, sell yourself! This bit is easy once you realise the potential of your experience. I draw upon my life experiences, my work experience, my hobbies and my interests. All these have helped me to write articles, type content for my websites and produce all manner of different presentations and videos, helping me and to become eye-catching brands on the internet.

Do you have the technical knowledge? Well, quite frankly I knew how to use a pc and had dabbled with company websites, but I had never built my own site. Now it’s become second nature, I even help my team build theirs. As long as you have a pc and a broadband connection you have enough technical knowledge to succeed. You will learn along the way, as fast or as slow as you like.

There are people to help you along the way. That‘s why I am a member of YourNetBiz and the Six Figure Mentors. You see, I am on hand for my team and help them wherever I can, because that is what I had when I started. In fact I still have a mentor who helps me, but now I also help him.

You too could be a part of the Internet Marketing world.