Starting a Lawn Care Business – Marketing


The process of starting your lawn care business should include the development of a brand that will help push sales and profit. Know where and when to sell your company’s services. A solid marketing plan is important in the grass cutting industry as it is in any other.

Creating your company’s brand is the key to establishing your image which empowers your name and services. Having a unique brand name is a start. Remember how Coke is associated with its ubiquitous logo? Your design must be recognized immediately by current and potential customers, as they see it printed on your pickup trucks passing by their neighborhoods or on the shirt pockets of your crew uniforms.

Mowing lawns is one chore that has been around for ages. Your lawn care business is taking part in that great old American tradition that never dies! Fostering a ‘values’ approach to your marketing strategy also helps the business. Market your company as the congenial 10-year old boy who knocks at doors during summer asking politely if their yard needs to be cleaned. Dependable and hard working are the words that you would want your customers to use when describing your lawn business. Render these values to your products and services as in all aspects of your lawn-care business and you’ll never go wrong in gaining a loyal customer base.

Direct mail marketing, newspapers and advertising on radio are other forms in which lawn care businesses develop their brand image.

Once your lawn care business gains some initial success you need to keep tabs on your marketing and advertising efforts. The strong foundation set by a good image needs to be sustained over time. Ideally, your reputation can be spread through word of mouth, which for most clients is a more trustworthy than reading sales blitzes in printed matters left in doorsteps. Top notch customer service is one way that you can get your clients to promote your business to their friends and associates for free.

You can also employ another effective marketing strategy to push your lawn care business into the spotlight. Build a sales savvy website to reach out to more people. With valuable information to address their lawn care needs customers will be inspired to contact you. In your website, they should be able to book appointments and find solutions to common problems.

Marketing is often set aside, especially during hard times when budgets fall short. Your lawn care business however doesn’t need to cut back, if from the first day, you’ve ensured a sturdy marketing plan. Be consistent in marketing your lawn care business to maintain your sales growth. If you have a strong marketing plan and carry it out consistently then you will ensure your lawn care business a certain level of success and may find yourself in ‘greener pastures’ compared to your competitors.