Start Using This Money Making Business Idea Today and Sell More Affiliate Products Online


Make sure it is either a money-making business idea or a cost-cutting idea. Either one will help you with your online business. You’ll agree though, that any idea that will help you earn more money is bound to generate more excitement than a new cost containment technique. When you work with blogs, or websites, fighting cost and earning more cash is not optional. Your very survival as an online marketer depends on doing both very well.
That is why every task that you can automate should be automated. So in this brief article we will talk about generating traffic to your website with RSS feeds and Social bookmarkers. If you can ensure that every post you make to your blog is a quality one, then there is no reason not to publish that post to RSS feeds and social pages. This is a money making business idea, which can bring new targeted customers to your online storefront.
Whether you publish with Blogger, or WordPress, every post that you create on your blog, can be published as an RSS feed and also be sent to social bookmarking pages. These two things will cause your affiliate links from your blog post to be sent to many people all over the Internet. The only other requirement for this to be effective is to ensure that your blog posts have relevant, in-context keywords attached to them.
You can submit your feeds or bookmarks manually, by looking for RSS directories and social bookmarkers and then submitting your new posts to each of them. That requires a lot of work however. The last thing you want to do is to spend another forty minutes per day doing these  chores. A better alternative and a cool money making business idea is to automate your RSS feed distribution and social bookmarking. You can get either rent or buy software to do these tasks for you, freeing your time for more important responsibilities.
Weigh the cost of any software you can get to do these two important tasks, with the benefits you will get. Will it be worth your time to do this yourself, every day? Or will you be better of paying for the opportunity to reduce these two tasks to a single click of your mouse?