Stag Weekends – Macho And Fun

.tags Bachelorhood is a phase that men usually don’t want to give up purely for a simple reason – it is too much fun! But someday, all of us are bound to take the plunge and commit ourselves to the woman of our dreams. Stag weekends are a really great way of celebrating the end of an era – the era of bachelorhood and irresponsibility, and the beginning of a new life. You can get together with the guys, and throw the man of the hour a party he will never forget. Planning a Stag do Usually, stag dos involve a bunch of guys hanging out at a pub and indulging in activities their wives and girlfriends would definitely not approve of. In the modern day, guys have evolved past strippers and gambling. Stag dos typically involves breakfast, followed by fun activities like paintballing, go karting and river rafting – sports which only men really enjoy, and that too only win the company of men. These are little joys of life which women will never enjoy, and which enable men in establishing deeper bonds. If you are the best man for your buddy’s wedding, you can give him a stag party he will never forget. You could arrange a package with a travel company, and book an entire stag weekend for yourself and your gang of buddies at a spot which suits your tastes. A new city, a weekend getaway with nothing except buddies, booze and fun filled activities will be the best possible ways to give a grand send off to the man of the hour. Benefits of stag weekends The best part of the whole thing will be that for a change, you will have nothing to worry about. There will be no tension from work, or a girlfriend or wife constantly nagging you to move yourself out of the house and do grocery shopping, or to take her out shopping. It will be just the guys, who generally have no more complicated emotions that those involving beer or football. You can all take some time off for yourselves, for your friend and from life to take a breath of fresh air and freedom. You will come back feeling extremely relaxed and totally chilled out. Often women don’t realise it, but men need their space more than ever in the modern day and its complications than ever. The past recession and the European crisis had everybody moving around with worried eyes and lost looks. The global crisis has taken its toll on all of us. We have all lost jobs, found new ones or worked for several months at a stretch under a lot of stress. With the new economy shaping up, things are looking better. And there is no better way to celebrate this than a stag weekend.