Staatsoper Hannover “?” One Of The Most Beautiful Opera Houses In The World

{flickr|100|campaign} The Staatsoper in Hannover is a household name among the entertainers of the world. One of the most famous Opera houses in Germany, only the best of the best are given the chance to grace its stage. With a history that spans almost two and a half centuries, the repertoire of this opera house, ranging from Baroque to Modern and everything in between, is stunning. This was and continues to be a stage where the dreams of many composers and performers come to fruition. Many say that witnessing a performance at the Staatsoper is a feast for each and every one of your senses.

July of 1741 was the day construction of this magnificent building began. After its completion ten months later, the newly constructed Konigliche Hofoper opened its doors with the performance of Cleopatra e Cesare; a masterpiece of Carl Heinrich. This marked the beginning of a history that was to be fraught with dramatic successes, failures, destruction and renovation. Though many famous productions were staged in the opera house through the intervening times, it truly gained a name for itself only within the latter stage of the 19th century under the guidance of names such as Karl Muck, Joseph Sucher and Leo Blech and Richard Strauss during later years. The opera garnered the name Staatsoper only after the collapse of the German Empire in 1918.

It has far from been an idyllic existence for the Staatsoper. Having undergone a complete renovation in 1928, it was flattened to the ground twice during WWII. During those years though, amidst the expulsion of Jews from the stage, the Opera house saw some spectacular performances such as the Magic Flute and Christophe Columbe go on board. Despite the restrictions that followed the building of the Berlin Wall, the opera house managed to further its reputation within the international community with an extensive repertoire that meshed romantic and contemporary ballets with classical performances – and has never looked back since then.

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