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Escaping the rain
Kyrgyzstan is a Colorado-sized country with mountains run amok, with giant lakes nestled wherever there is space. It is a truly unique travel destination with no other parallels.

One of the unique destinations I visited was the Song-kol lake, a 25km by 40km lake at 3000m surround by snow-capped peaks all over. Driving around the lake, I spotted a viewpoint that provided an eagle’s eye view of a landscape, that rose from a steep river canyon that formed the outflow of the Songkol Lake, all the way to the 12000ft towering snow-capped peaks and glacier-carved valleys lined with just a carpet of lush green grass.

Standing on that vista point and admiring this jaw-dropping view with absolutely no sign of civilization anywhere sans the sinous road that made its way down, I felt lost in the sheer magnificence of this place. But I was snapped back into reality by a pelting hailstorm (whose beginnings you see above). This was ensued by a mad dash back to the car and a hair-raising drive down the sharp hair-pins to escape the brunt of impending storm. Nevertheless, that image was forever etched in my mind.

This was a single fram exposure at F11, ISO 800, 1/400s with a Graduated ND filter to control the exposure.

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Srilanka the tropical paradise is one of the sought after holiday destination in South Asia. It is amazingly beautiful and is today the central attraction of tours and travel country as it is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from across the world. Srilanka has almost everything that entice holiday makers and vacations as it is beautifully dotted by the pristine beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, world heritage site, inspiring temples, historical monuments and ruins, world class hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and many alike. Truly Srilanka is paradise for vacations and no tourist who come here returns home with bag full of cherish able memories to relish in for lifetime.

Some of the top tourism destinations that one can see and explore during the Srilanka holiday packages or Srilanka trip are: Kandy,Jaffna, Colombo ( Capital City of Srilanka), Anuradhapura, GalleDambulla, Matara.

The hill capital of Sri Lanka founded in the 14th Century AD, and the last kingdom of Sri Lankan kings before it fell to the British in 1815. The Temple of the Tooth Relic which houses the sacred Tooth Relic of “Lord Buddha” is the most significant building in the city and is a place of veneration for the Buddhists world over. Kandy is the most visited and photographed city. The journey to Kandy presents the traveller with a cross section of what Sri Lanka has to offer in landscape and scenery. The rice fields and pretty villages depict facets of Sri Lanka. Besides the temple of the tooth relic is the audience hall, which is a fine example of the architecture of the Kandyan era.

Jaffna is situated at a distance of 398 km to the north of Colombo. The austere beauty of Jaffna unlike any other town or city in Sri Lanka sets it apart from other tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Plan you Jaffna Travel now and enjoy a dream vacation in this picturesque Sri Lankan city that boasts of pristine white beaches, enchanting coastline, beautiful off shore islets and rugged peninsula.

Colombo has been Sri Lanka’s capital up to recent times spread along the shore of the Indian Ocean for some miles; and the place where business and commerce begin and end. A drive through the city will take you to Colombo’s most fashionable residential district – the Cinnamon Gardens and the Pettah, Colombo’s busiest and most traditional bazaar area. You will visit the Hindu temple with elaborate stone carvings, the Dutch Church at Wolfendhal dating back to 1749, the historic Devatgahaha Mosque, and the Gangarama Temple. While the city holds less obvious interest than many other parts of the island, it’s still a colorful enough place and worth a visit to see what makes Sri Lanka tick.

These are some of the top tourism destinations in Sri Lanka which are worth to visit means you cannot afford to miss. In additional these are the featured tours and travel destinations of all the Srilanka packages and offer unique experince of South Asia tour or Srilanka tour.

In additional Srilanka is also famous for its world class accommodation facilities, blissful ambiance, warm hospitality as well as pleasant climatic conditions that make the Srilana Trip wonderful and memorable. So instead of wasting your time, visit to this beautiful Srilanka and enjoy vacations in a delightful and memorable way.

Truly speaking once you visit to this tropical paradise of South Asia, Srilanka you will love to come time and again and you will cherish each and every moment spent here. Come and experience the charm and attractions of Srilanka the land of sheer wonder, which will leave you awe-struck with its magnetizing splendor.

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