Spyware Blockers – Using Lavasoft Ad-Aware


If used correctly, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware program can be a great spyware blockers tool to fight against spyware and other malicious programs. Ad-aware can search and scan for malware, adware, spyware at a schedule time and can run complete system scans. It checks the system memory, the system registry and all individual files on your computer. However, you can also perform a quick scan that will scan for items that you select. The scanning process can take a while and most people set their scanner to scan overnight or when they know they will not be using their computers. Before running a scan, you probably should close all programs and disable your antivirus software.

To scan your system using Ad-Aware, follow these steps to detect and remove spyware:

1. Click the “scan now” button the left-hand side menu. This will open up another system scan window.

2. By default, this software is automatically programmed to scan all system files on all system drives. If you do not have the time or only want certain files to be scanned, deselect the drive you do not want to scan.

3. Click the “next” button and start your scan. It will take awhile depending on how many drives you are scanning and how fast your computer is. When the scan if finished, a report will show you what malicious programs it has found and what you want to do with these programs. If you do not remove these programs, the software will store them in quarantine.

Many times, you will see hundreds of problems that are found by Ad-Aware. Some of these programs are spyware and some of these programs are less harmful. The majority of the time, you will have a large list of tracking cookies that are detected on your computer. Tracking cookies are files that keep track of your browser history and where you visit on the internet. All the results might be overwhelming but it is suggested that you review the list of scanned results so you become familiar of how each file affects your computer and where each file is stored. Also, you can determine which files you would like to remove and which files might be useful. Not all files found by the spyware blockers tool are bad. First, right click on the object you would like to see and click item details. This will open a window that describes what Ad-Aware found and the threat level of the object. Read the description carefully to determine whether it’s an actual threat. If you decide that’s it harmful, or that it’s not needed on your computer, click the check box to the left to delete it from the results list.