Sports Shoe Brand Into The Era Of Personalized


Almost 2 years in Jinjiang, China shoes, shoes enterprises in City Government “to build brand Jinjiang have” the call, to continue to carry forward the spirit of No victories, scrambling to squeeze into the domestic market to create brand . According to statistics, the current footwear enterprises in Jinjiang has reached more than 70 brands, these companies create a brand mode: corporate brand building, such as Anta, 361, special steps, step Gomez, etc.; buy international brand franchise industry in China region such as Pierre? Cardin shoes, Montagut, Playboy, etc.; registered brand names of international sports stars such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, James; to back the domestic use of foreign registered trademarks, such as kangaroos, Italy, France, shadow wolf, Valentino ? Cooper, etc.; registered by international trademark brand of Chinese regional power, such as Iverson.

Industrial clusters in the results of a small county in Jinjiang city, on the birth of so many shoe brands, but similar in style, quality, similar to the case of the same marketing model, how the brand different? How do consumers choose the brand? The author believes that: Jinjiang shoe brand into personalized time has come. Because when we brand as a person, she has a unique temperament and cultural connotations, her personality is the important difference between brands is not imitation. As a famous actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong played the Monkey King, Rong Cao, Dicky Cheung, Zhou Xingchi had played the role of the Monkey King, and Action of strong imitation, but when people mention of the Monkey King, you think of Liu Xiao Ling Tong played the Monkey King, which is character actor decided he represents the unique nature of the characters.

In 2004 one pair of well-known sports brand loyalty of the transfer table shows, sports brand in the domestic market, the second group of Anta, brand loyalty of only 12.4%, why such a high profile brand Anta loyalty will be so low? We look at Anta’s advertising slogan, “I choose, I like”, which is 99 years as spokesman Kong Linghui Anta hired out when the spread was in the sports goods, the domestic brands are few, and consumer psychology also special worship sports world champion. So when table tennis champion Kong Linghui in the CCTV world shouted, “I choose, I like” when they meet consumer psychology, advertising force strength of advertising time to help Anta blew open the domestic market, Anta successful, but years have passed In emphasizing personal life, as consumers shift from selecting products to choose brands, and select the brand actually stand in the choice of a life, attitude to life, showing that a personality, but the past few years have been shouting Anta advertising slogan “a choice, I like the” no longer so attractive, with the Olympic champion has endorsement of the sports brand, consumers are no longer insane worship of the Olympic champion, so anemic Anta empty slogan, the difficult attracted individual consumers, the same Erke “Come together, Erke,” Del benefit of “my personality” special step “non-ordinary sense of” do not reflect the brand personality , but they hired a group of admirers of entertainment stars, which also contributed to sales. 2004 Athens Olympics, Anta invite well-known marketing planning agency?? Mr. Ye to the company slogan, “win power”, unfortunately, spokesman for the three world championship titles only Chinese women volleyball team won, and Kong Linghui, Wang Hao did not win the championship, “win power” a bit weak.

Jinjiang entrepreneurs is the most practiced pen of Mr. Lu Xun “used”, so that when Anta please endorsement Kong Linghui After the success of “Star + CCTV advertising” model enterprises in Jinjiang become a common formula, and thus be on CCTV, becomes the “Jinjiang Channel,” What is more, footwear enterprises in Jinjiang brand names, logos, also strongly imitation, such as Anta, Hong Tap, On super, security quality, stable ride , Yu-step, the Nike brand with the famous “I to” footwear enterprises in Jinjiang, there are many brand identity as “a hook” or “two-hook.” This had worked in the shoe of senior marketers said in an interview: In layman view, footwear enterprises in Jinjiang brand is no personality. Unfortunately, we can be 99% of consumers are outsiders.

So how shoe brand should choose to shape it a distinctive personality, the author combines theories from the marketing product marketing real shoe that could be from the following aspects:

The first step, will locate its target consumers better.

In mass marketing shift massed, the company would like to create a brand for consumers of all ages is very difficult, of course, if the company has strong business strength also can play a game many brands, such as daily chemical industry The P & G, which have a Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene shampoo and other brands, and are very successful.