Sports News, On Anthony?9.28?

.tags Tencent YORK, Sept. 28, according to ESPN reports, because the incident involved in trading and become the focus of
media attention the Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony – took part in today’s press conference the team’s media day, in an interview he recent rumors about his own views, and the results are somewhat surprising. Anthony said in an interview this summer that he never asked to be the team their own trading, he is now still a member of the Nuggets.
Anthony wearing a Nuggets jersey to participate in the team’s media day press conference, his future is clearly still faces an uncertain future, but at least Anthony is still willing to admit that he is currently a member of the Nuggets still reflects some of the players work ethic . “I came here today, wearing a Nuggets jersey. No matter what the future will be my future, at least I am still a member of the Nuggets.” Anthony said, “I do not have the right to choose their own . “”In the new season, I will sit down and talk about my team’s future.” Anthony said he was willing to end the season as the team hit, “Now I’m just as they can look back on the field was just playing . “(Crusher)

“I never said I wanted to be the team deal, and I have never even once said on the team to trade negotiations and
things.” Antony stated.

Nuggets Anthony’s remarks, but the management has previously issued statements to differ materially, the new manager
of Youjie in Denver earlier interview had made it clear that Anthony did not accept the team’s renewal of the
contract, the team also to retain Anthony doing a tremendous effort.(Jaw

“Yes, we will continue negotiations and Anthony.” Youjie in an interview said, “Anthony is still the Nuggets players,
which makes us feel very excited.”(Stone crusher)

Time in the United States early Monday, along with Anthony’s teammates also were involved in trading the sixth storm
of the Nuggets JR-Smith, who updated his personal public blog in the United States, he said in a blog has announced
that Anthony back, and also attached to his personal photos.

But at least from the current position, the possibility of Anthony to be traded because of his remarks at the media
day and significant reduction, he is still willing to accept that he is the status of a player the Nuggets.