Sports Autographs for Collectors


The Internet is a great source for sporting memorabilia, including the autographs of sporting personalities and it also provides the opportunity to communicate and share knowledge with other collectors. In order to build a successful collection, it may be beneficial for you to join a sporting memorabilia forum from which you can obtain advice and contact individuals and companies who are recognized, reputable dealers.


While the above can help protect you against fraudsters, if you are collecting sports autographs, it is advisable to become familiar with the signing peculiarities of your chosen celebrities. This could involve you in research regarding any memorabilia contractual agreements with sponsors of the sports person and, whether the celebrity charges a fee for their signature. It is possible that being aware of these factors may help prevent you becoming a statistic of fraud.


There are many reputable dealers who have built their reputations on providing authentic and excellent quality memorabilia and it is wise for any collector of sports autographs to research and use such sources. However, it is also advisable to have background knowledge of your subjects and their methods of giving autographs and any other signed memorabilia.


By example, the seller states an autograph was originally purchased from a particular company. However, by research you are enabled to determine if this celebrity is contracted to another organization and charges a certain amount for their autograph. It would therefore be reasonable to assume that there was an element of fraud and you could have been saved from making an expensive mistake.


There is an old and valuable saying; if anything seems too good to be true, then that is generally the case and it certainly applies in the collection of sports autographs! Always be aware that today with the sophisticated equipment available, the forging of signatures has been made relatively easy and will appear genuine to unsuspecting eyes. However, a reputable dealer has nothing to gain by selling you autographs at prices below the market related value.


If you are offered an item below a related market price and furthermore with a certificate of authenticity; ensure that you discover by whom, it was issued and confirm it. There are instances of fraudsters manufacturing their own certificates and it could therefore be advantageous for you to substantiate any claims made with a recognized, reputable source. They will advise you in respect of the authentication process and exactly the type of document that you should receive.


Part of the excitement when purchasing sports autographs may be in trying to forecast its future value of an item. Experienced collectors continually research the market seeking great bargains, especially where any new, inexperienced collectors may be present. However, it is not easy to determine the future value of a “present moment”, un-established personality. For example; the great talents and potential of Michael Jordan, may not have been completely developed and visible when he first came on the scene, but what collector does not wish for his autograph today!


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