Splendid Mediterranean Romantic Cruise Vacation Package In Italy


Rome, the land of artistic heritage, is bound to mesmerize you when you visit. It is definitely a double bonanza to go abroad a cruise on a vacation to Rome. When traveling by cruise, it is necessary to make sure that the facilities in the cruise would suit your needs. If you want cruising that guarantees fun,  you should choose Perillo Tours – a pioneer in traveling to Italy. 


ItalyVacations.com, a Perillo Tourscompany, a pioneer in Italy vacations offers the “The Yacht Club Exclusive” – Mediterranean Cruise Vacation Package which is certainly intended to give you the most remarkable vacation experience. The 7nights aboard the MS Splendida in the Yacht club wing and the 2 nights at the Rose garden palace hotel in Rome would give you the pleasure of being served with the most luxurious service and privileges ever!

The touring is inclusive of visiting astounding places like Genoa known for its gourmet food, the Marseille in France that is marvellous to have a great beach time. Combining the trip with a French-wine and cheese party would be an amazing experience! Waking up in the splendour of Barcelona, Spain, getting engrossed in the culture of Tunis, experiencing the spectacular open air museum in Valletta, and a trip to the trading city Messina will give you an adventurous vacation. The 2 night stay at the Rose garden palace hotel allows you to spend a fair time in Rome. You are sure to get engrossed in the scenery and dynamic history of Rome.

The cruise has luxurious accommodations with WiFi connections and high style televisions to keep you connected to the world outside. The gourmet cuisines, 24hr butler service, exotic drinks, and cafes would make you feel regal in all ways.

The tour to Rome in the “The Yacht Club Exclusive” – Mediterranean Cruise Vacation Package offered by ItalyVacations.com, is sure to transform you to another wonder world. Be it a romantic trip or a restful vacation time this cruising episode will be a mystical time in your life!