Spending Your Vacation at Almunecar, Spain


You will find the town of Almunecar in Andalucia located at the Costa Tropical or Tropical Coast. This is considered the center for tourists because of the wonderful scenery and the climate as described in the name. Here, you can experience 320 days enjoying the sunshine and only short winters. The long summer period is ideal for beach and coast activities that make the town a known tourist destination.

Almunecar has not been strongly influenced by the infrastructure and other modern developments in the country. It remains one of the natural and attractive resorts in the country, specifically at the southern side of the coast. In this town, you will enjoy the many relaxing activities and the leisure facilities that are still free from too much commercialism and crowded tourism. This is the place to appreciate the beauty of nature and make yourself closer to it.

With it being only 75 kilometers away from the airport and around 40 minutes from the city of Granada, a known historic city in Spain, you will have a historic and natural resources tour in one trip. You will see the amazing regions of Spain as you travel from this town to the city of Granada. The old historic Spain and the beauty of nature can blend in one memorable trip that you schedule in Almunecar.

You can witness the ruins of the ancient lives in the town with some remnants of early civilization from Phoenicians to Moors. These are seen in the monuments, museums and other historic locations.

What is in Store?

In Almunecar, you will see that the town is built with narrow streets in the old quarter and you will appreciate the old San Miguel castle. Within the vicinity is the best produce of various fruits like lychees, mangoes, custard apples and avocados.

You will enjoy the coastline with its 19-kilometer stretch where you can find 26 beaches that you can enjoy. The marina offers a lot of water fun and adventure that tourists love.

You will not only have delighted eyes when you visit Almunecar, your gastronomic system will also be pleased with the traditional Spanish cuisine that you will never forget. You should not miss the tapa in any restaurant and bar. You will enjoy great Spanish food and you will find it blending with the best Spanish wine and other drinks.

In Almunecar, you can take part in activities like horse riding, golf, rock climbing, tennis, diving and paragliding. You will have a great outdoor experience as you explore all the areas within the Almunecar town. Your stay will surely be something that you would want to happen again as this is the feeling that tourists have as they leave the town. They always want to come back and enjoy more.