Spend Christmas At One Of Many Amazing Rome Or Florence Hotels


Many couples give the gift of travel to each other for Christmas, and what better gift could there be than a trip to Italy and a stay at one of many amazing Rome or Florence hotels. The trip could even include both cities, as there is plenty to do in each during the holidays. Rome has the Papal Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, followed by the Pope reading his Christmas message in the piazza in front of St. Peter’s at noon on Christmas Day. In Florence, a holiday wonderland sets up shop near Piazza della Liberta and includes an outdoor skating rink, live music and market stalls featuring toys and gifts. Whether looking for Rome hotels, Florence hotels, or both, Expedia can help plan a wonderful Christmas gift trip.

Start searching for Florence or Rome hotels at either city guide on the website, found at Expedia.co.jp. Each city guide features hundreds of hotel listings, from budget accommodations to five-star villas. Each guide offers an entry point to the many listings for those who want to see all, but it also allows travelers to easily sort through and reduce their number. Sort Rome or Florence hotels by hotel class, proximity to an airport or attraction (stay near the Vatican for sure, if heading to Rome) and by amenities.

Traveler reviews are another helpful feature found on Expedia. When choosing between the many Florence and Rome hotels, it helps to have the opinions of other travelers – who actually stayed at the hotels – to take into consideration. Travelers often report that it was a fellow traveler review and rating that sold one of the Rome hotels over another. Average ratings also help travelers sort out hotels with low scores.

Each of the listings for Rome and フィレンツェ ホテル also include a description, photos and insider tips written by expert Expedia contributors. These insider tips include such things as nearby, non-touristy must-sees and the overall atmosphere of a hotel’s neighborhood. Travelers also find insider tips in relation to seasonal activities, such as holiday festivities.

Travelers will find that booking Florence or Rome hotels, or both, is just as easy as finding them. Online booking is available, of course, but those who wish to book by phone can call 0120-936-910, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and make their travel plans with one of the website’s travel agent. Rates are competitive on Expedia, and it never surprises users travelers with fees upon checkout. All rates – whether for Rome or Florence hotels or hotels anywhere in the world – are stated in yen, and booking all aspects of travel (car for hire, flights, etc.) saves travelers on the overall cost of their trip.

Writer Namiko Kanto regularly travels to Italy and has stayed at ローマ  ホテル 予約 booked through Expedia several times. She has a trip to Florence planned for Christmas. She already has a list of five possible Florence hotels to explore further, thanks to Expedia.