Speech Pathologist Jobs


Corresponding to the mounting number of the aging population and hearing and language problems in children, the demand for qualified speech pathologists has gone sky hight. Speech pathologists specialize in evaluating and treating people grappling with communication problems associated with voice, fluency, language and speech, and thus help to enhance the patients’ communication abilities.  A habitual kindness, a high level of dedication and patience, and good listening skills are indispensable for this kind of job.

Speech pathologist jobs are available in a variety of healthcare settings. To be able to embark on a speech pathologist job, one has to earn a master’s degree in speech pathology program and a state issued license. There are opportunities to work as an assistant or an aide in speech therapy. For that, the candidates are required to have an associate’s degree or on-the-job training.

Once qualified, you are sure to get good job placement in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, child development centers, speech and hearing dispensaries, clinics, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, research laboratories, geriatric facilities, home healthcare services, industry and health departments, and adult daycare centers.

Besides the excellent remuneration package, your speech pathologist job carries the industry’s best benefits including:

• Medical and dental insurance

• 401(k) retirement savings plan

• Paid housing

• Completion bonuses, and travel expenses

• Healthcare insurance

• Section 125 cafeteria plan

• Professional liability insurance

• Short-term disability insurance

• Additional state license

• Continuing education

• Cancer insurance

• Immigration processing (for internationally trained employees)

You can find a number of healthcare employment recruiting agencies in the United States, that help the candidates secure the most suitable speech pathology job matching their profile. These recruitment agencies are usually backed by an experienced support team of client service personnel, providing everything necessary for eligible candidates to obtain successful job placements.