Spectacular views of Mount Everest


Mount Everest or Mount Chomolangma is the highest mountain on Earth above sea level. The mountain is a part of the Himalaya range in Asia. It has been known worldwide since the early 1950s when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay first climbed to its summit. At that time it was 29,000 ft/8840m high, an amazing number. This world’s highest mountain attracted not only well-experienced mountaineers and novice climbers but also tourists. Visitors can enjoy its beauty at sunset and in evening. The peak is capped by snow and sometimes hidden in clouds. Many are inspired by the beauty and majesty of the mountains and the people. In Sherpa village, the Sherpa continue to lead simple lives even as more and more people visit to their land each year.


Himalayan Valley


Mount Everest at Sunset


Mount Everest is capped by snow. Everest has been uncommonly tranquil.


Mount Everest stands beside Mount Nutptse which is 25,790 feet (7861 meters) high.


A Sherpa Village is located in Khumbu Valley, Nepal and rests at the base of Mount Everest. People here have simple lives


There are always whipping winds on Earth’s highest pinnacle.


Mount Everest in evening is beautiful. Atmospheric pressure at its peak is a mere 30 percent of that a sea level.


Himalaya Mountains-the home to the world’s highest peaks





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