Spectacular Festivals in Pamplona


Visiting Pamplona

It is true that Spain is a beautiful country and it is also true that it is one of the most visited countries in the world. However, problems appear for those tourists who want to have it as a holiday destination but do not know which village, which town or which big city to choose. Well, in the attempt to help you, I strongly recommend Pamplona. Pamplona is a town full of history and culture, a town that has succeeded in combining the old and the new harmoniously.

The monuments, the cuisine and the surroundings are beautiful but the festivals are absolutely unique. You probably know that Pamplona is associated with the unique tradition of bullfighting. This is why the San Fermin festival is also the most important for the town. The festival attracts thousands of tourists and participants every year and it also attracts millions of spectators who stay in front of the TV in order to see the full of adrenaline spectacle of running of bulls along the streets of the town.

The festival is a harsh one because every year blood and tears appear, but the tradition is continued because the festival is part of the cultural heritage of the country. The running ends at the place where the bullring is situated and the evening hosts some of the most interesting corridas that take place throughout the entire year.

Traditions of the country

The festival was always kept on July 7th with no exceptions; it is a rule that the inhabitants want to keep, because it is their way to identify with the festival and their idea of keeping it alive. However, the show does not end on the evening of July 7th because the entire week is packed with parties which involve a lot of good music and dancing as well as drinking.

The 25th of May hosts another important festival for Pamplona, this time a festival that celebrates the old regional dances; people call it Baile de la Era and Estella is the spectacular village that hosts it. The 24th of June brings the day of celebration for pilgrims who meet in big groups in front of a cave in Yanci in order to take a purifying bath.

Religious persons think that the water can heal different types of illnesses. Pamplona is a wonderful town in Spain, one that has to be on your list at least once in your lifetime, so make sure you visit it!