Specialized Website Marketing Methods

.tags Include your Web Address on EVERYTHING you send out
Every piece of paper that leaves your business should have your web address printed on it somewhere. This includes business cards, invoices, brochures, envelopes, letterheads, quotation
sheets and even notepads. From time to time I receive business cards where a web address has not been printed on them. When asked why they don’t have their web address on them, invariably
the response is, “Oh, we simply forgot.” The answer to this is THROW THEM OUT for the small cost of getting them printed properly, this is a good investment. Would you ever consider
handing out a business card where you “forgot to add your phone number”? Of course not. Your web address is JUST as important. There is one further comment on business cards. There are
some decent quality business card forms that can be purchased that allow anyone to print off their own business cards. All that is necessary to remark on this matter is that no matter how good
these cards appear, they are always recognizable as “self printed business cards.” Is this the image you want to portray? For the minimal cost of printing business cards, you may want to consider a
professional job. Business cards say a lot about a person and a business, and are especially important for first impressions.

One of the main features of magazine advertising is that ads in this medium can often be read over and over, because magazines are often kept for long periods of time. Another
benefit of magazine advertising is that it can be targeted to your specific client demographics because there is literally a magazine (or several) for almost every person’s taste.
Like the other forms of mass media, this is another occasion when talking to a salesperson may be of some advantage. The main thing you need for any magazine publishing is to know their
reader demographics, and geographics are, and their volume of circulation. If these fit your client profile and is within your budget, they can be a powerful advertising medium for you.

Buses, taxis, airlines, public washrooms
I have never actually seen a commercial ad on the side of an airplane, but I have seen thousands of ads in airports. The idea of using transportation venues and vehicles for advertising has been
around for a long time. Depending on what your ad looks like, you can attract attention. Think about how you would do this, ask a question, and give the answer on a website, run a contest
where they need to enter online or give something away. To drive people to your website so think about all the novel ways you can.Join specialty, business “Sales Leads” clubs, business clubs and associations
If you are a shy person, this is definitely where you want to spend some time. Why not grow your personality and business contacts while you grow your business? If you have never attended any
of these kinds of functions, I think you will be amazed to see the type of people who attend these.Few are outgoing, most are normal every-day, shy people just like you who are interested in
advancing their business by mixing with other business people. There are many ways that you can benefit from attending these functions, and most are inexpensive to join, and most will
welcome visitors. Check out a few to see which one you like best. If one doesn’t suit you after a time, don’t be afraid to move on to another.

Sell stuff on eBay and other auction houses
I love this idea. eBay is an auction website where people buy and sell items online. In recent years it has become increasingly popular with many businesses (even large organizations) who
use eBay as a facility to sell clear-out product they no longer want or need. If you decide to to use eBay as a place to sell your products and get a greater exposure for your website, be prepared to
accept a lower selling price for your products. This does not mean you will receive a lower price than a retail price, but it can happen. If you currently do not buy or sell anything on eBay, it will
take some time for you to set up and understand the buying and selling process and their rules.Depending on what you sell or provide, this can be a great way to promote your website. A
slightly lower price for products sold on eBay can more than make up for the exposure it can provide.

Include your Web Address in your signature line of e-mails
Just like the web address printed on the sides of company vehicles, it is astounding how often business e-mail is sent without a signature line. This is free and very simple to do. If you don’t
know how to do this, ask someone. It only takes a couple of minutes but looks very professional.