Special Places In Spain- Estepona


About the city

Andalusia is the province in Spain where you will find Malaga which has a wide open beach to the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys a beautiful subtropical climate. Tourists from all over the world come to Malaga for the fine sand and the clear blue waters, making it a very crowded city. If you want to visit the province but do not like the crowd, go to Estepona. Estepona is situated about 50 kilometres away from Malaga and it enjoys the same wonderful subtropical climate. The advantage of Estepona is that it offers you the possibility to do the same things as in Malaga, at least when it comes to the beach and the sea water, but in a more intimate environment.

Why should I choose Estepona?

This is a very frequent question among those who find out about Estepona, because most of the tourists treat the city very reluctantly. Well, you should not be one of them, because there are a lot of interesting things to see and many beautiful places in Estepona that deserve your attention. Trust me; you will not regret your choice! The first thing you need to know about Estepona is that the city is one of the last in Spain struggling to keep the Spanish tradition and culture alive. The narrow winding streets of the Old Town with their tapas bars will really make you feel that you are in Spain. The main attraction of the Old Town is the Plaza de la Flores which looks very fresh and packed with attitude, thanks to the orange trees that offer you their perfume and their shade, creating a very tropical and exotic atmosphere. This is the heart of the Old Town but if you are a culture and art lover, you should leave this quarter in order to visit the four famous museums of Estepona: the Bullfighting Museum dedicated to one of the most popular traditions of the Spanish people, the Palaeontology and the Archaeological Museums where you can admire fossils, artefacts and thousands of old exhibits and the Local Museum offering a collection of old traditional tools used for farming and fishing.

Having fun in Estepona

If you go to Estepona just to relax, enjoy the beach after your sightseeing tour. Playa de la Rada is two miles long, enough for every tourist to have a small place of his own. For a special type of entertainment, visit the Selwo Aventura safari park. You will have the chance to see hundreds of species of animals in a copy of their natural habitat. Have fun!!!