Special Holidays In Cantabria

The wonderful Cantabria

Cantabria is an amazing region where you will find a little bit of everything: mountain chains, lush meadows, and spectacular fishing ports which patiently await their visitors. The beaches and Santander are the main attractions of this picturesque region which should be on your list if you are in search of a relaxing holiday.

Santander and its beauties

The capital of the region, Santander, is one of the most important ports of Spain, as almost all the ferries coming from Great Britain arrive here. Santander would have been a historical city if it hadnt been for the 1941 fire which didnt stop for two days. The old quarter of the city was completely destroyed, so the oldest monument of the city is the amazing Cathedral.

The attractions of Cantabria

If you choose Cantabria as your holiday destination and are afraid that you might get bored, dont worry. There is no reason to be nervous regarding the entertainment aspect, because Cantabria has too many interesting monuments to see and places to visit. First of all, the seaside resorts are absolutely spectacular; the beaches covered with delicate sands, the crystal clear waters, they all invite you to spend a few relaxing days. Choose El Sardiner if you want to be close to the capital; it is busy in the summer, but which Spanish beach is not busy during the peak season? Think about the fact that the promenade stands among the most beautiful in the country. El Sardiner is also a great place for those who travel with their families and their little ones: the Magdalena Park is definitely something that they will adore, as are the zoo and the playground, as well as the train circuit that awaits them.

The Parks of Cantabria

The detail that differentiates Cantabria from all the other regions is the number of the natural parks and reserves; this is the reason why Cantabria is the favorite tourist destination for those who love nature and everything related to it. Picos de Europa is the first national park that Spain had; 1935 is the year when it was founded. Besides the fact that the park offers you the chance to see some amazing flora and fauna species, it also offers you the chance to see breathtaking landscapes, some of the most beautiful youve ever seen. Enjoy your holiday!