Special English Packages of DISH Network


Amusement in one’s life comes in various shapes and forms. To get the best of entertainment in television industry, one should go for lucrative DISH TV packages that have incorporated all the exclusive channels at affordable price rates. Avail plentiful channels in digitalized mode, a bunch of exclusive movies and a lot more of entertaining stuff. Plus, there are exclusive accessories and equipment that can surely take your entertainment television to a new level. Are you a movie buff? Catch hold of special movie channels like HBO, Starz, CineMax and what more. Even sports programs are your preference DISH Network offers a gamut of channels on sports and gaming events. Also there is no dearth of programs for audiences of different ages and creed. Programs for kids are available, while there are quite a few channels for adult viewers. Not only the American natives, DISH also has thought of people of foreign origin. Crack the best of Satellite TV Deals with DISH TV that is presently offering more than 170 international channels in 28 languages of the world. Ask for packages in Arabic, Urdu, Japanese, Greek and many more. DISH Network has it all ready for you.


Matching with the DISH Network channels and its deluge of programs, exclusive accessories and equipment also are available for the valued customers. DVR, an exclusive DISH Network Receiver is the flavor of the season as you can record programs and also replay the programs later at your leisure hours. In this way there is no scope that you miss your favorite programs on DISH Network.


Let us concentrate our discussion on English packages of DISH Network. Check the following paragraphs:


The English package of DISH Network starts with the basic bundle titled America’s Top 120. Get as many as one hundred and twenty channels that include some of hot favorite stuff like CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel. It is priced at $ 24.99/ mo for first twelve months and then you have to pay $ 39.99/mo for another one year.


Next is the exclusive America’s Top 120+ package. It includes over 120 channels, all stiffed with famous programs. You can get local sports channels as well. Avail this package at $ 29.99/ mo for one year and then after the completion of this period you have to pay $ 44.99/ mo for another one year.


America’s Top 200, another spectacular English package of DISH that is ideal for all the sports lovers. You can avail exclusive sports networks like NFL Network, CBS College Sports, NHL Network, NBA TV and also few of the regional sports networks. Also this package brings home news programs, sixty SIRIUS music channels and other special channels for the entertainment of your family. It is priced at $ 39.99/ moth for one years and then $ 54.99/ mo for another one year of subscription.

Another English package is America’s Top 250 that brings you more than 200 channels plus, fifty five channels that include fifteen movie channels and famous channels namely Discovery Kids and History Channel International. Avail this package at $ 49.99/month for one year and after the completion of this period you have to pay $ 64.99/ mo for 1 year.


Being the ultimate name in family entertainment, America’s “Everything” Pak offers thirty one exclusive movie channels from Showtime, Starz Movie Pack, HBO and Cinemax; NBA TV. You can get all the channels of DISH’s America’s Top 250 package. As a whole the pack that brings in more than 280 channels is considered to be the best valued package in the television market.