Speaking With Influencers: a Buzz Marketing Guide


Consumer conversation and engagement are increasing in value as a new era in marketing emerges. Consumers are empowered to be their own Private Eyes-dig deep to find true value via reviews, free reports and blogs. Consumers are turning to word of mouth (via the web) as a valuable resource to make purchasing decisions. Access to communication tools on the web have amplified the importance and influence of word of mouth. Though it’s not possible to transition all of your marketing efforts to a viral campaign on YouTube, companies are realizing the power of product / service value and their communication with influencers.

To elevate your word of mouth efforts, we are going to take a look at how to effectively speak with influencers:

Buzzworthy Product

The first step to generating buzz, is to have a compelling product that adds value to the market. It’s all about “earning” the buzz through great products and experiences. Do your market research, crunch the numbers, do whatever you have to to find a market need. Nothing is more wasteful than creating a generic product with little to no value. Influencers will not respond positively to an average, mundane product / service. If your product has value, it will earn its stripes through word of mouth. Value is essential in generating buzz.

Engaging Buzzing Influencers

When engaging influencers, identify the right target person / group to talk about your product. If your product / service is not relevant or important, it will fall upon deaf ears. Go big then fine-tune your target. Identify the market, then the key players within it.

Once you have a shortlist of influencers, you can develop a strategy. For example, if you’re launching a new iPhone app, you should consider influential blogs such as Mashable, RWW or the iPhone App blog. Once you’ve decided on a shortlist of blogs, what are their passion points? Mashable is geared towards social media, covering a swath of topics, whereas iPhone App is very specific. Now you have the key players, how are you going to…

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