Speakers In India


Audio quality has always been referred as one of the most important factors for clear, and distortion free music. Certain aspects have been linked to the audio quality- the type of audio player, the audio configuration, and most importantly the speakers. Say for instance, if you’re looking for speakers with just a casual idea of listening to music at your home, the audio configuration or the “loudness factor”, won’t matter much. But, if you are a party buff, you might require speakers which have a clear audio even in the loudest of conditions. So, its all about your needs, requirements, and yes, the application or usage area. Creative speakers is one of the leading names, when it comes to buying Speakers in India.

Creative Speakers introduced GigaWorks T40 Series II, which features a three-driver Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) audiophile configuration, accompanied by with BasXPort technology. Superior audio technology is embedded in this device to deliver quality dynamics with rich extended bass. Further, a silk dome tweeter with dual woven glass fiber drivers produces crystal clear audio. Entire system for this Creative Speaker synchronizes various audio factors including Decibel levels, sound mix, and audio balance to deliver an optimal power output of around 16W RMS per satellite. The capability to withstand extreme conditions, and good overall performance, makes it one of the best choices for buying speakers in India.

e GigaWorks T40 is another Creative Speakers, that embeds a pair of 12.5-inch tall desktop speakers. The design is pretty sturdy and well defined, and the left and right speakers are easily distinguishable. The right Speakers come with volume, bass, and treble controls, that can be easily monitored with the knobs provided instead of the usual up/down buttons. These knobs, contribute to figure out the exact volume and tonal balance. “BasXPort”, a bass-enhancing technology is another added feature for this creative speaker. Further, the headphone jacks gives you the much yearned option for connecting the speakers right into your Mp3 Players or even a DVD player. Other additional features include a 2-meter stereo audio cable, 3.5mm jacks, and a stereo 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter.

While buying Speakers in India, or any part of the world, it is important to analyze certain criterion. These include understanding the requirements, planning the budget, and moreover one should browse through couple of user and expert reviews to get into the thick of the matter. Information regarding Creative Speakers, Speakers in India, and Technology News, expert reviews are available at www.thinkdigit.com.