Spain’s Island Of Mountains

.tags Spain is a popular tourist destination because of its various interesting aspects some of which are nature given. The country comes second after France as the most visited country in the world. This fact in itself says a lot about the country and gives a clue about what to expect when here. What makes it more popular is its geographical position which is next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

These two bodies of water make Spain a favorite for most people because of the islands and beaches spread throughout. Relaxation and excitement is guaranteed on these islands and this has been seen by more and more foreigners making the land their home. The islands on the Atlantic side go by the name Canary Islands while those on the Mediterranean side are the Balearic Islands. The two are groups of island located on either side.

Mountainous Island of La Gomera

Just like the name suggests, this island on the Atlantic side is characterized by mountains which steeply drop into the ocean. The island has a national park, Alto de Garjonay, which spices up the magical experience in the island.

The locals in this region hold popular customs dear and amazingly they use whistling as a communication language between them and inhabitants of different valleys in the area. This is quite something interesting and amazing.

San Sebastian de la Gomera, where explorer Columbus made a stop, is a territory of greatness. It holds the memories of the explorer making him a legend that will forever remain with the people here and in the world generally.

Beaches on La Gomera

La Gomera has beautiful beaches just like any other island. Some of the beaches here are Playa de Santiago, which has crystalline water and is a fishing village. There is also a wonderful beach considered to be among the best on the island at Valle Gran Rey Valley.

Another beach that will for sure help you relax as you enjoy its natural spectacle is the Playa de Vallehermoso, which is next to Acantilado de los Organos.

Holidays and vacations in Spain should be long enough for visitors to fully experience the good side of Spain. You would feel cheated if you only had the time to explore the small parts of this wonderful land of plenty. It is no wonder that it is the second most popular tourist destination in the world; it sure does deserve the position.