Spain and its Tomato Fights


Special holiday destinations

Are you in search of a unique place to spend your holiday? Is there nothing to please you because all places offer you the same things? Well, have you thrown an eye on Spain? Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world due to its spectacular landscapes and cities and also due to the very special, unique traditions and customs. There is no possibility of not falling in love with Spain when you visit it. If you are the type who wants to do something innovative on holiday, choose Bunyol.

What is so special about Bunyol? It is a small city situated near Valencia which hosts a very popular annual festival: La Tomatina or the tomato fight festival. You should choose your holiday date according to this festival because the locals organize shows throughout a whole week; however, Wednesday is the day of the actual fight which starts at noon in the middle of August. The heat and the tomatoes create such a funny atmosphere that you feel the need to be part of the entertainment, I guarantee you this.

A very funny activity

Even though the more conservative ones would think that the tomato fight is childish and absurd, the festival is very popular among the conformist ones, making it one of the most famous festivals in Spain, part of the traditions of this beautiful country. The village is very peaceful during the whole year but the 9,000 inhabitants turn into over 30,000 when the fiesta begins. If you really want to find accommodation in Bunyol around the festival, book rooms months ahead, because everybody else wants the same as you.

How it all started

If you are interested in the legend of the festival, you should know that no one really knows how it started. Some recall that it was in 1945 when a group of young adolescents wanted to join the “Gigantes y Cabezudos” parade, but were not allowed; as a response, they started throwing tomatoes on those who were part of the parade. The police managed to stop the fight but they were present at the parade the following year, with more tomatoes. Some thought it funny and joined, so this is how the bizarre fight turned into the biggest one in the world. If you want to be part of the festival, make sure to bring another set of clothes with you and something to protect your eyes is also recommended. Have lots of fun!