South Korean Home Appliance Giant, The Two Opened The Middle East, Africa, World War Ii Electric


According to foreign media reports, Samsung has Electronic , LG Electronics South Korea’s two major consumer electronics manufacturers, we have introduced to local culture and lifestyle characteristics of local products, continued to increase the Middle East and Africa market development efforts. Especially for the local futures market OilMoney ( Oil Finance) and the upcoming soccer World Cup in 2010, the two giants is to spare no effort to strengthen local Marketing Strategy to develop non-market gold mining Middle East.

In addition, in view of the market between the characteristics of many Muslims, the two giants to develop targeted built-in Arabic Koran TV , Notebook computers, mobile phones and other “Islamic” character products, trying to grab market share in most of the local market. At the same time, two giants face of aggressive attack South Korea, Panasonic, Sony and other Japanese department Home Appliances Manufacturing giant is not to be outdone, the two giant a much higher and South Korea, the separation of male and female of the momentum, a place between the Japanese and Korean home appliance giant, non-local operators in the Middle East war are quietly staging.

LG phones became popular in the Middle East Mecca

It is reported that in August last year, LG Electronics is the world’s most intensive in the Middle East, Muslims non-market, the official launch of specialty products of Islam – Mecca phone 2. The product not only has the Islamic holy sites in Mecca in Saudi Arabia navigation features, but also equipped with a voice version of Islam and the Koran to teach Electronic Code Book feature. In addition, more time with the prayer calls automatically shielded Disturb feature, a typical Islamic products.

Course, the company launched the loud chanting of the plasma TV is already Selling Well Islamic market, instability in the electricity supply for Africa, the characteristics of the development of wide-voltage type with a refrigerator and other local products also by consumers the blitz. All this is said to LG Electronics Inc. and local appliance dealers, and consumers a full market research, analysis, invested heavily in research and development results orientation. In this regard, the Chinese and Japanese companies are far from the final result is non-market, LG Electronics in the Middle East market share in Japan is far ahead peers.

Samsung launched the “African version of” Air Conditioning

Another South Korean giant Samsung Electronics, the continuous high temperature heat for the African market, local climate characteristics, development with high efficiency, wide-voltage type with a design of a local air conditioning; and developed for the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa-based mobile phone and other specialty products. Particularly worth mentioning is that the phone company for Africa and the loss ratio Stolen far higher than the rest of the world situation, developed after the loss with a cell phone tracking cell phone anti-theft type, listed at the beginning, that is more than hot.

Recently, Samsung announced a “Middle East and African market for land reclamation” as the marketing strategy this year the most important issue. In fact, as early as late last year, the company’s addition to the new headquarters outside of the African short, in Morocco and Nigeria established a new branch, and sent more than rich experience in developing overseas markets and local market expert team is responsible for the promotion of localized marketing strategy .

Related to public opinion, the two giants without any intent to attach importance to South Korea Middle East and Africa market, for in China, North America, Europe, the market was in full swing in the Japanese and Korean home appliance giant, obviously has a “different kind of meaning.”

Korea Electric This big two companies products on the attention to Middle East? Africa makes sense.

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