South African Safari


The concept of the safari has come a long way since the days of bumping across rough terrain in a worn out four-by-four with nothing more than a threadbare tent or creaking shack to call home. Safaris today can be enjoyed by individuals and families alike, young and old and all the time maintaining an uncompromising level of service and luxury. Whether you experience your trip by car, by plane or even by foot on a luxury African safari you will make memories that you will never forget.

A luxury African safari offers the perfect opportunity to realise a dream that few people ever do. To experience the real beat of Africa’s heart, its nature, culture and wildlife is something very special. With a luxury African safari the spectacular images that we see everyday on the television come to life, to stalk the Serengeti for lions, cheetahs and the elusive leopard; or to hear the thundering rhythm of an elephant herd in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Driving over to beaches and mountains within you area is common because it is what’s convenient for most families. Others might even just go as far as stroll the park. But for the more daring of the crowd, going out of the way to chase something extreme is natural to them. Once you get to taste the wild side and have exposed yourself to such condition, then you have something to be proud of. One of the factors that contribute to the level of daring of these people is the easy access to a wide collection of information that keeps growing every day through the internet. When you stay long enough with great research skills, you will be able to gather the necessary information needed to help you with your future travel decisions, like where to find accommodation and what sights to include in your itinerary.

Kenya Safaris: This is the original and true safari country. The wildebeest migration in Masai Mara every year is something that you should not miss.Cultural tours involving the Masai people is very rewarding. For the birding tour enthusiasts, Lake Nakuru beats ones expectations.You will find various tour operators or travel agents offering safaris to Kenya.There are hotels for all budgets, meaning its an ideal country for the shoe string. International and local flights effectively transfer you from your country to your destination.Other parks to visit include Amboseli, Tsavo and Mount Kenya.

Before booking, you should check that the tour operator you have decided on are expecting you to go on a private safari. If not, this means you may end up on a shared safari, which means that your experience will be shared with a group of other random people, and you will not have full say or flexibility over your dates and itinerary.

Before you leave on your South African Safari, plan well have lonely planet type guide for the country you are traveling to. This will list local tour operators. Also get a tour browser from local tourist information center about their travel destinations. Carry enough cloths and other belonging but not too much because some of the local charter flights have strict weight limitations such as 30 lbs bags. When you arrive at the destination, hire a local tour guide (possibly individually run operation). Hire that person for few days. Before hiring that person agree before hand on price, duration and locations you will be traveling. Stay on local and yet safe motels near the parks and wild life reserves at end of the day. Staying inside the park lodges and cabins cost a lot plus you cannot see wild life in the night.