Son of Fish


I looked around the phishers, a father and son caught my attention. Quietly in their own fishing waters. Father caught, then they let go of the two enough for us to cheer the big fish. Son is probably about 12 years old, wearing rubber waterproof boots Gaotong stand on the cold river. Two fish bite, but are struggling to run off. Suddenly, the boy’s fishing rod suddenly sank, almost dragging him down the whole person, quickly turn the reel, fishing line was pulled out of the moment is very far away.

See that the fish jump out of the water, I was surprised ear to ear. “He caught a king salmon. A head is not small.” Partner Paul whispered to me, “a rare breed.”

Boys were calm and the fish tug of war, but the strong currents to struggle with a powerful fish, the child gradually pulled the downstream vortex filled to the edge of deep water. But I know one salmon to reach the deep water can easily escape. Although the father he is put aside their own rods, but said nothing, just stood there watching his son’s every move.

Once, twice, three times, the boy tried to close lines, but each time without success, channeling downstream salmon suddenly go, apparently every effort to move closer to the deep water. Fifteen minutes later, the children began to support to continue, even standing in the distance, I can see his trembling arms are struggling to exert effort to lose the last fishing rod. Cold water soon overflowed the edge of Gaotong waterproof boots. King salmon from the deep water is getting closer and kept fishing rod around the pipe. Suddenly the child was gone. Moncler jacket.

A second later, the boy emerged from the river head, cold hands are still purple and hold firmly grasp the rod, he was forced to get rid of face water, silent and began to collect the line. Paul grabbed the boy walked to the net.

“Do not!” The boy’s father Paul said, “Do not help him, if it needs our help, he would ask for.”

Moncler nodded, stood on the bank, holding fishing nets.

Across the river is not far from a dense thicket, half of the trees not in the water. This sudden change of direction when the salmon, straight piece of fleeing into the bush. We are prepared to hear the fishing line when the harsh sound of its breaking. However, that at that moment, a boy rushed forward, go into hot pursuit of a dense thicket of salmon.

Three of us are stunned, the boy’s father cried, clutching his son’s name, but his voice was drowned in the river’s roar sound. Moncler online wade to reach the other side to indicate we are caught salmon. He allocated to the side of the deadwood, the boy clinging to the hard-won salmon out backwards from the bushes, and strive to maintain balance.

His thin body trembled with excitement as the cold and endless, arms and chest tightly sandwiched between a big fish weighing about 14 kg. He walked a few steps pause to take a few steps to master equilibrium Zaiwang Hui. So stop and go, the children finally slowly but safely back to shore.

The boy’s father handed his son a length of rope tied to strong for him after the bend the fish hold his son landed. Big mouth boy lying on the muddy ground, breathing heavily, but the eyes never left their booty. Paul carry portable scales, out of curiosity, he asked whether the child’s father to let him weigh the salmon in the end there are multiple. The boy’s father did not hesitate to say: “Will my son now, this is his fish!”