Something New with Southeast Alaska Salmon Fishing


Alaska is undeniably one of the perfect places for people who want to experience salmon fishing. There are a lot of spots in Southeast Alaska that you can visit and chase after the different types of salmon.  Different varieties of salmon include the king salmon that is also known as the Chinook, the silver salmon or the Coho, the red salmon or the sockeye, and the pink salmon. This is one of the reasons why Southeast Alaska salmon fishing is great.


In the south-central part of Alaska, there are wide varieties of salmon that exist in rivers as well as in the coastal areas. Hobbyists can really enjoy the big catch in the open seas. If you go for the Southeast Alaska salmon fishing, king salmon is the best catch. The normal size of this fish measures at about 20 to 70 pounds, but there are some that weighs 100 pounds. Good thing about this breed is that fishermen can catch them in saltwater as well as in the freshwater.


Next to Chinook is the red salmon or the sockeye. There are several means that hobbyists can catch this kind, and the secret to successful sockeye fishing is by using flies. If you happen to use the correct baits, no doubt you can have this kind of fish.  If you wish to catch the Chinook, Coho, and the pink salmon, you can try different strategies that are useful. You have to rely on the time, water condition, at the same time your position in the river or in any bodies of water. You can chase after them using the back-bouncing hooks.  You can also use flies whenever you go for the Southeast Alaska salmon fishing.


If you plan to go after the silver salmon or the Coho, you have to be prepared. You will have a hard time catching this fish but it is fun. This type normally weighs around 8 up to 12 pounds. They are hard to get but you will really enjoy the pleasure having it.  Silver salmon is abundant during the month of July up to November.  You can really enjoy if you are practicing the proper ways in fishing. If ever you get the big catch, you can have it serve in the fishing lodge in Southeast Alaska.  You can have it prepared by their chef, or you can cook it all by yourself. There are fishing lodge that offers the customers to cook their own food. So you have to read the policy before you enter.


Southeast Alaska salmon fishing is a perfect family activity. You will not only enjoy fishing but feel the refresh as you witness the breath-taking views of the place.  You can never say no if trip to Alaska is offered. So if you want to feel the best, try it with Alaska. You can view the world in its abundance. So avail packages or settles for the best fishing lodge. Nothing compares to the vacation spend in Alaska.