Some Top Books on Network Marketing


One of the most important things a network marketer can do is to focus on their self-development.  Constantly training and educating themselves on how to become a leader in this industry is so essential.  This can include anything from learning how to prospect or recruit effortlessly to learning how to manage and train a huge team.  One way to keep enhancing your skills is to read books on network marketing.  Below are three popular books that every network marketer should own in their home library.

Your First Year in Network Marketing

Network marketing is becoming one of the largest growing career options available all over the world.  Millions of people are quitting their day jobs to jump into this lucrative industry and build themselves a financially free lifestyle.  Books on network marketing such as “Your First Year in Network Marketing”, help entrepreneurs to become better in network marketing so they can realize their dreams and goals.

This particular book written by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell helps entrepreneurs through their first year in network marketing.  They do not do it with a bunch of hype but rather with stating exactly the obstacles and challenges that must be faced and how to overcome them. Some of these challenges include:

* How to deal with rejection
* How to recruit and train
* How to remain focused
* How to stay enthusiastic
* How to NOT talk with your family and friends before you see success
* How to avoid unrealistic expectations

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Out of all the books on network marketing, this particular book is a must have.  It outlines the 7 habits that all successful people have which brings them their success.  The author, Stephen R. Covey, uses his extensive research of successful people dated all the way back to 200 years to bring the fruit in this book. It is all about using certain natural principles and aligning our paradigm with these principles, so we will see unlimited success.

The Slight Edge

A favorite of all the books on network marketing out there, “The Slight Edge” goes over how little things applied everyday can have an amazing impact on your life over time.  This book was written by Jeff Olsen and he explains how any aspect of a person’s life can be changed for the better whether it is financial, spiritual or personal simply by applying “The Slight Edge” each day.

The Slight Edge is working everyday through the decisions (good or bad) you make whether you realize it or not.  The Slight Edge is simply about making small decisions each day and carrying them out so that we make a good impact on our life.

These are only three of the many books on network marketing that every entrepreneur should read regularly to help keep them stay focused and motivated.  Each time you pick up and read one of these books, you are developing yourself and your abilities to become a great leader in this industry and truly see success over time.