Some Principles of Paid to Promote Programs


In the past couple of years there has sprung up many paid to promote programs on the internet. The basic way these programs work is they offer a certain amount for traffic that is sent to their sites. So what are some of the things you need to know about these programs to be successful? Here are a list of major principles of paid to promote.

1. The programs pay certain amount per 1000 visitors. This is called CPM. If a program offers a 25 cent CPM then that is what they pay for 1000 visitors.

2. Just because you send 1000 visitors don’t mean you will get credit for all of them. Paid to promote programs will only credit you for valid visitors. If a visitor is sent to a paid to promote site more than once every 24 hours you don’t get credit. In addition visitors are credited based on a tiered country system. Traffic from countries in what the program places as a lower tier will get credited at a lower percentage.

3. To get credited for visitors they need to come from the programs approved advertiser list. Traffic from any other source don’t get counted.

4. Paid to promote is a form of arbitrage. That means one buys advertising from a source and tries to recover more than what their cost is. Arbitrage is always risky and not for everyone.

5. Paid to promote is difficult to earn profit from. The fact from number 2 make it difficult for one to make a profit. In order to do that advertising with a CPM less than a third of what the CPM offered by the paid to promote site.

While there are many challenges with the paid to promote model there is still an opportunity for the savvy online entrepreneur. I hope this article has helped those who want to learn more about the topic.