Solo traveller- a free bird


Single holiday are no fun!!!….you would be mostly all alone and bored – Is this what has been holding you back from taking up a solo holiday. Well not anymore! Get out of your fear of travelling solo. With so many web sites in the market, holiday for single person is so easy. In fact such websites are a boon for individuals who love travelling. Such websites take care of everything for solo travellers from hotel bookings to planning the entire tour. And the best part is it all comes at a very reasonable price.


Apart from the many advantages of solo holidays such as complete freedom to satisfy your every desire ,doing things at you own leisure which is often limited when travelling with family or friends , holidays for singles are also a great confidence builder as you learn to more self dependant. You become more aware of your own talents and skills. In deed its fair possibility that during your holiday you could learn or discover something new about yourself, a talent that you never thought you had!


But above all you will meet a lot more like minded people, individuals with your kind of thinking and liking. You can even end up making great friends for lifetime or find your soul mate.

To start a holiday for a single can be a little awkward you might even feel lonely at times but as you get to meet new fellow solo travellers you will begin to enjoy your journey and it is not unlikely that it can turn out to be a most memorable single holiday you ever had.


In our comfort zone we mostly don’t prefer to speak to unknown people even if we get positive vibes from them, we like to maintain our distance but when we are on a solo single holiday we look for people speaking the same language as ours or find something common with a stranger It has been scientifically proven that humans have a tendency to stick together and help other co members of their tribe when in a foreign land.


Solo travellers in general find it much easier to meet other travellers than when you’re holidaying with your companion or group of friends. Single travellers are often seen hanging out solo at the hostel or inns. Imagine how much more fun it would be to explore your new holiday destination with someone who is another single traveller just like you.


Holidaying single reminds one of a bird that has being pushed out of its nest and has to take a flight this is when the bird learns to open it wings and fly!