Social Network Marketing, Do It The Best Way


Are you looking to build your network marketing business on a massive scale? The social networks may be the answer you’re looking for. Sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are fast becoming the new sources of traffic in our industry.

Due to the nature of an MLM business, social network sites really are a match made in heaven, after all its all about networking with other people. Relationship building is the name of the game in our industry.

One thing that’s important to remember is that we don’t want to become spammers by only promoting our opportunities. Most of our time on these networks should be connecting with prospects and finding new ones. I expect you have already seen your own fair share of spam on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and also YouTube in particular. Personally I find it a real turn off, I expect you do to.

You can go a long way in creating trust and friendships in social networking sites, you can also promote your own brand, products and content, plus there is the advantage of increased exposure, if people like the stuff you are sharing then they may well share it with their friends also. Using these networks properly could make you very popular online.

It makes good business sense to harness the power of social network marketing and you should invest whatever time and money you need to become good at it. It’s just too powerful to miss.

Here are two ways you can use social networks

Facebook – Ensure you’ve set up an account on Facebook for business purposes. It’s a great way to connect with your prospects and also great for finding new ones! Search for new friends there who have similar interests to you. Search and join groups in your niche. More people will be able to find you the more groups you join, you will also get people adding you as a friend. Join about 200 groups and watch your friend requests go crazy!

The latest Facebook strategy is ‘fan pages’ these are very powerful and you should set one up for yourself and/or your business. Every time someone hits the ‘Like’ button they join your fan page and you can then easily keep in contact with these people en mass. It is just like building a list but only a list of people that already like you. Create some sort of lead magnet/offer so that when folks arrive at your fan page that have the incentive to opt in to your capture page, which can be directly on your fan page, or an external webpage.

Bookmarking sites – These are great sites for posting your content, when people come across your articles/videos they can share it with their friends if they find it useful, they can also vote for/like it at the push of a button. There is the potential for massive exposure using these sites and you will of course be getting extra backinks to your content which is a good thing. Google is paying a lot of attention these days to links from social book marking sites, so that means higher rankings in the search engines and more traffic for you! Whenever you create a new piece of content and upload it somewhere, social bookmark it, you can use the free tool to do this for you on autopilot:)

There isn’t enough room here to go into the other three very powerful social network marketing strategies. Using these strategies in conjunction with my content marketing strategy it won’t be too long until you are getting 25 or more leads to your business every day.