Snow Hit The Slopes At Low Temperature To Help Heat Travel

.tags 10 early morning in Beijing under the first snow of the year. As the days continued low temperature for the warm ski outskirts of Beijing set off a small climax. Ski tour around the start of the activity is.

2009 New Year’s Day during the outskirts of Beijing tour popular skiing and hot springs

Same time, the 3-day New Year’s Day holiday approaching, the “little vacation” system after one year, whether Travel Or tourists are traveling on a short holiday with new options. December 8, from a number of travel agencies feedback shows that during the 2009 New Year’s Day, including Europe, Australia and other routes for long-term collective case of cold, but in Beijing suburb of skiing, hot springs, and Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the most popular tourist shopping tour Welcome.

Reporter in a Travel Forum that the majority of visitors think that the new year mainly leisure travel, experience different culture, shopping, three major purposes. Professional tourist circuit design told reporters: “3-day mini vacation, many tourists choose to spend 1 day time and the family New Year, another two-day trip, visitors generally will choose this part of hot springs, skiing, etc. do not spend too much time and effort of Walks Trip. Travel plans of visitors originally, then most will leave, or even ask other short holiday break, to conduct a short-term travel abroad, but because of time limitations, most visitors choose to compare Hong Kong and the exchange rate current ‘value’ of South Korea shopping. “

Major suburbs of Beijing this winter ski a variety of marketing strategies to attract individual tourists

Order to attract ski enthusiasts, this year’s major ski promotions can be described as a new guise, Badaling Ski Resort launched the unconditional Membership system, as long as two days in advance booking by phone or online registration of guests, will enjoy rates, and thereafter to the ticket window as long as their names reported, will be entitled to enjoy the most preferential prices; pregnant North Ski Resort ski teaching in the establishment of a file system, fixed coaches to ensure the continuity of junior skiers to learn; ski resorts in the Beijing suburbs among many, click into the Nanshan Nanshan destination

Ski this year’s event will undoubtedly be more Aspect. Day before yesterday, Nanshan ski season for the eighth Opening Ceremony was held, the Nanshan Ski full use of the star effect, in addition to summer rain as the captain of the “dream boat star ski team” members went to help out, also Xu Jinglei and talented woman founded the “open La” e-zine powerful combination. “Open Rights” electronic journal from the day of thousands of ski enthusiasts filled out the “desire to strip” and taken out of the three lucky ones to help them realize their wish. While the gimmick

full, in order to seize the hearts of consumers, Nanshan not forget to price services and software and hardware facilities in a big fuss. Nanshan Lu, chairman of the interview, this year’s Nanshan Ski Village, Nanshan Ski organized numerous activities, such as China’s first snow TheNorthFace Film Music Festival, the seventh Red Bull Nanshan Open, romantic Valentine’s Day snow party, the second Nanshan “NEF Cup” amateur competitions, jumping cats, rich activities will continue until next March. In order to better organize these activities, the Southern Ski Resort expensive this year, Lu said: “ski resort in the original 5000 sets of equipment based on the then newly imported more than 1,000 sets of world famous brand dual board and veneer, while , in the type of rental skis toward further diversification, professional direction, not only added a new batch of ‘two Alice’ of freestyle double panels for ‘jump’ and diving enthusiasts to use, also a pilot basis a small amount from abroad Mountaineer Mark ski and snowboard rail capacity and digital avalanche paging apparatus and other special equipment to prepare for the Beijing mountain ski areas of concern into who attempt to use the experience and teaching and training. “

Is worth mentioning that the Nanshan ski schools to try this year for the first time in Europe, “Warren? Smith Ski Academy,” edited and published the “go skiing? GoSki / GoSnowboard” a book as a popular ski tutorials to help popular ski lovers become “all terrain” safe versatile ski. Nanshan Lu, chairman, said the financial crisis environment, this year’s market will be affected to some extent. “Although Beijing’s economy is relatively stable, the market does not expect the impact of the FIT, but the groups that it would be to reduce trips.” Thus, in this case, the major ski resorts will attract more individual tourists up and down work.