Smart Phone User Are Growing In The Usa


Smart phone is very popular and useful cellular to our latest generation cell phone users. Though worldwide business downturn is badly effecting the world economy in different sector even in other sections of cell phone industry but at the same time the smart phone and 3g phone market is hot in the USA and smart phone producer are gaining good profit from this continent too.

The NPD Group is the leading provider of reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Recently this company collected data from cell phone users from online survey. According this survey report the smart phone market has raised 23% in the USA in fourth quarter (Q4) of 2008 compared to just 12 percent in Q4 2007.

“AT&T and the iPhone began the trend of the signature touch-screen smart phone. The arrival of the Blackberry Storm on Verizon Wireless, the T-Mobile G1, and imminently the Palm Pre from Sprint completes the new competitive dynamic,” said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis, The NPD Group.

One reason of the continuous demand of smart phone is Querty keyboard With Querty keyboard you can type document more comfortably than normal touch screen or normal keypad. Nowadays more than 70% of all smart phone are along with querty keybord. 66% smart phone users are using 3G network. AT& T and T-mobile are the top 3G network service provider.

With smart phone selling the sales volume of smart phone accessories are also growing remarkably. During smart phone buying period the consumer also like to buy accessories such as bluetooth, headset, carkit, memory card, card reader, usb cable, faceplate, cover and others. According NPE report 52% smart phone users buy smart phone accessories and compared to just 41% among all other phone buyers.

Apple, HTC, Palm, Blackberry are the top successful smart phone producer among others. To read more in details please visit here.