Small Business Blogs Are So Important

Small Business Blogs Are So Important Small business blogs are so important because they can lower your marketing cost long-term and help you get found locally over your competition.

Over 80% of consumers trust what they read on a blog and over 60% of consumers have made a purchase because of something they’ve read on a blog.

Small business owners who blog frequently see double the amount of traffic compared to those that don’t and if you add email marketing on top of that, it’s even more powerful!

One of the best stats I’ve ever heard that helped make blogging a must for any of my businesses is that 60% of business owners that have a blog are found by the blog vs. paid advertising.

Think about how much you can save long-term if you simply start having 1 or 2 blog post composed weekly? Its huge!!!!!

Lastly the links you receive from blogging are powerful. The more links you have to your small business website the higher you’ll show up in search compared to your competitors that don’t have a blog post. We all know how important showing up in search is!!!!!

So you may be asking what should my small business blog be about?

Here are 5 topics that you could create over 50+ different blog posts:

FAQ: Compile the most frequently asked questions your business is asked about. Involve your employees and you could easily come up with probably 50 blog post topics just with this topic.

Comparison: Think about every question in a customers mind about choices they have in your niche. Write blog post on all those topics.

Price Post: Customers want to know prices so write a few blog post on this topic. Your competitors aren’t and you’ll build that trust as mentioned before compared to those that don’t want to share their prices.

Best of Post: Write post on the top 10 or best 5 and so on. These posts do very well and help local consumers.

How-To: Write articles on How-To do what ever it is your business does and write several articles around this topic. If you’re a chiropractor, how to self adjust your back or how to sleep when your back is hurting. These types of post do awesome.

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