Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons – Experience Old and New Rides Alike at Cheap Prices


Six Flags Great Adventure, with its 200+ rides and attractions covering 2,200 acres, is the largest regional theme park in the US. It’s also connected to two additional parks, the Wild Safari and Hurricane Harbor. You can get Six Flags Great Adventure discount tickets and coupons online if you want to go, so that you won’t have to stand around all morning in line at the front gates.

This amusement park is well known for its variety of roller coasters, which includes the tallest, steepest, and fastest rides you’ll ever come across. Some are too scary for kids, so if you want to go with your whole family, you can take your kids to Koala Canyon and Looney Tunes Seasport, where they will be able to watch concerts and go on fun, kid-friendly rides! Kids younger than twelve usually get around half off of the adult price. However, if you order online, you’ll find Six Flags Great Adventure discount tickets for adults as well.

While you’re there, be sure to go on the park’s oldest ride and one of the its newest ones! The Runaway Mine Train was the park’s first steel roller coaster, and it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. It’s ride time is 3 minutes and 20 seconds, making it one of the longest rides in the world. The Runaway Mine Train is still very fast and fun, and it competes well with today’s technologically-enhanced rides.

Speaking of, The Dark Knight Coaster is one of the newest rides at Six Flags. It’s also one of the most creative, as it gives thrill seekers the chance to venture through Gotham City in the dark! If you go on this ride, you’ll go through some of the most twists and turns imaginable, and will see hallucinatory images of Batman’s greatest foe himself—the Joker. Imagine going through 180 degree hairpin turns at record speeds and plunging into complete darkness!

You can experience both of these rides, and more, at affordable costs if you take advantage of all the Six Flags Great Adventure coupons available online. There are many ways to save on amusement park vacations, so be sure to use the internet as a guide when planning out your itinerary.