Site Rubix – What is It?


If you’ve heard a little about this thing called Site Rubix, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m about to tell you all about it!

Site Rubix is a tool at the Wealthy Affiliate University. It was released a couple of years ago to a generally astonished internet marketing community. Site Rubix is a website builder. But, it’s not just any old website builder, it’s a full-on, affiliate marketer’s dream tool. Let’s take a look at what it offers:

Simple User Interface

Site Rubix has a very visual interface. To cater for those without prior knowledge of web site creation, the website building tool uses simple yet powerful tools to create beautiful, highly optimized websites. Your website is built simply by clicking on buttons and tabs to change layouts, add content and upload pictures. No HTML is needed to create websites, but for those who like to do more ‘tweaking’, then exporting to HTML and editing on your computer is an option.

FTP Publishing

Once you’ve built your website, then Site Rubix has an option for uploading your website to your server. If you’re confused by what that means, then there are plenty of help files and people willing to help you with your problems.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

In addition to Site Rubix, Wealthy Affiliate also has free web hosting services. The hosting uses the Plesk interface, which is very nice and easy to use, as it looks a bit like the Windows XP theme. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is very good value, is very powerful, very stable and very fast. The hosting has plenty of storage too. Again, there is plenty of help available to those who need it.


In case Site Rubix and the hosting manages to baffle you, plenty of help is available. There are extensive documents and articles written on getting members up and running, and as mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate members are more then happy to help with concerns. However, the real strength is not in the support, but in the way the tool can create professional looking websites, which are well optimized for internet marketers.

Site Rubix plus the free Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a great addition to the University. To see the full power (and ease of use) that the two features have to offer, you really have to experience it to believe it. I hope I have made things a bit clearer regarding it, and the WA Hosting.