Single Mother Help – Financial Assistance Programs That Will Help a Mother Raise Her Child


Programs that will provide financial assistance to single mothers are widely available. These programs also vary depending on the type of the assistance needed. Usually, these financial assistance programs are provided by the government. When the mother is aided, the child will also be helped.

Financial assistance programs for single mothers are definitely a relief. Even mothers who are working on a full time would be able to receive help from these programs. This would be very helpful especially in times of medical emergencies where there are no sufficient funds.

The aim of the single mother programs is to help their children through financial assistance. Aside from that, mother support groups also provide adequate emotional support that they need. There are also some forms of legal aids wherein women who are at the brink of divorce or legal separation are facing financial and emotional instability. For desperate cases, there are agencies that provide foster care and child care to ensure that child’s welfare and security. In general, the safety and security of the child is always the number one priority of the parent.

How Help is Provided to Single Mothers by the Department of Social Services

For those mothers who need help, the first place to go would be the County Department of Social Services. Typically, the Department of Social Services will provide financial assistance to needy those mothers. Single mothers that are often provided with this financial assistance are teenage mothers who badly need support. However, this cash assistance is not enough to meet the ends.

For full time mothers there are a lot of available single mother support groups. These support groups are helpful in giving a healthy support system for women. Those mothers can ask for help from the Department of Social Services about these mother support groups and they will be the one to refer you to the support groups. These support groups would include Community Action Organization, Salvation Army, Rural Assistance, American Red Cross, and churches that help mothers.

Actually, single mothers can qualify in such programs even if they are beyond the poverty level. Those mothers who are earning 200% beyond the poverty level can even qualify for the program. Other assistance programs do not even have any income limits, allowing any single mother to apply.

The federal HEAP program which provides heating assistance has strict standard qualifications that need to be met. The heating assistance program is applicable during the winter season and would typically provide grants needed for the heating expenses. On the other hand, cooling expenses are also provided.

For a stable and steady employment for single mothers, there are mother welfare programs that can be utilized. Usually, these single mother welfare programs provide subsidies through offering child care and housing. This way, a mother would not have to worry about who will take care of her child while she is looking for a job.

How Help is Provided to the Children of Mothers by the Federal and State Funding

It is known for a fact that formula for feeding infants is very expensive. Aside from that, formula feeding is a part of the expenses of being a single mother. Good thing, the WIC provides assistance to mothers in the form of providing cereal and formula coupons for the babies. Aside from that, food stamps are also provided for single mothers. Usually, community centers have their own food and clothing pantries. The best way to know about these assistance programs would be to contact a local church so that referrals can be provided. These programs would provide assistance for the basic necessities of the child and the single mother.

As for the insurance of children, the state health insurance programs are providing discounted health expenses or even free health insurance. Medicaid covers both the medical as well as the dental expenses for the child and the single mother. Aside from medical and dental expenses, transportation for check-ups is also covered by Medicaid if in case the mother doesn’t have a car.

Utilizing the available help for those mothers would be a great help for the children especially in emergency cases.