Single? Asian? Living in Australia?


Australia is located in South East Asia and surrounded by Asian countries. An increasing number of young single Asian’s and families are calling Australia home. With such a diverse multi culture sweeping through Australia, Asian’s moving to the land of Oz are enjoying western culture with a blend of multi culturalism at its finest.

Two decade’s ago when Australia’s multi culture society was still developing, creating a life in Australia was much harder then compared to today. The young country of Australia was still becoming accustomed to foreign influences and cultures which created a social divide.

Singles moving to Australia from Asia found it difficult to integrate into mainstream Australian society. Socially, they found it challenging to meet other single people of the same background or culture as Australia is such a huge country and the concentration of Asian’s was spread out thin throughout the major cities. With today’s technologies, online dating sites and social networking seems to be an obvious solution offering them the opportunity to meet a variety of singles within a suitable demographic and eliminating geographical boundary issues.

As the years past, the Australian government opened the flood gates allowing a huge boost in immigration from countries like China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. This decision improved prospects for young singles to form communities based on certain religions or cultural parameters. Today, Australia has a huge Asian influence which has become an integral part of the Australian way of life.

Sydney is where the largest Asian communities are located. Cabramatta, is located south west of Sydney with 93% of locals coming from Asian heritage. Cabramatta represents working class families and is typical of suburban style living. China Town, which is located in the city of Sydney is a thriving village serving up a wide range of Asian culture including restaurants, bars and night life. Asian’s new to Australia often start out in these areas to integrate and locate ethnic communities.

Various communities such as matrimonial matchmakers exist both online and offline in Australia. Services such as Asian on line dating sites or traditional parental arranged marriages can be located in Australia including organized singles events. Freedom for Asian’s to marry into other cultures in far greater than many other non-western countries. Britain has the highest number of marriages recorded that took place outside of their ethnic circles according to the latest census.

Today, Australian born Asian’s are increasingly marrying other nationalities which comes as no surprise given the influence of the 160 different nationalities that now contribute to the countries cultural diversity.