Singapore laps up new Lamborghini


Despite the global economic downturn, the economy of Singapore shows no signs of slowing.

In fact, more than fifty orders have been received for the new, S$ 1.5 million, Lamborghini LP700-4; and it hasn’t even got an official name yet.

The fifty orders were placed during a private preview in Singapore, which was the car’s first stop in Asia, before visiting Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Managing Director  of Lamborghini Singapore, Melvin Goh , said that combined sales for the Murcielago and Gallardo models have reached forty nine this year;  including four unregistered Reventon limited edition models. He also expects at least two more sales by the end of the year.

When questioned why Lamborghini had received such an overwhelming response Mr Goh replied; “The Lamborghini product is more trusted now and the brand’s visibility and image has improved.”

“In the last five years since the arrival of the Murcielago and Gallardo, people now understand the cars better and realise the products are good, so they are willing to book one even when it’s new and before it is here.”

One buyer explained his reasons for ordering the new model; “The LP700 can go from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in two point nine seconds.  How many cars can do that in less than three seconds?  You’re talking maybe about the Bugatti Veyron but that will cost at least four and a half million Singapore dollars.”

The new mid-range Lamborghini LP700-4 has a lightweight body and is powered by a new 6.5 litre V12 engine which provides a massive seven hundred horse power and six hundred and fifty Newton metres of torque.

Top speed is a staggering three hundred and fifty kilometres per hour.

The V12 engine is coupled with the new Independent Shifting Road (ISR) transmission system which allows the driver to change gears in less than fifty milliseconds.

By comparison, a Formula One car takes approximately thirty milliseconds to change gears.

Apart from the new Lamborghini’s excellent performance, the LP700-4 also has the distinctive Lamborghini style, including the famous scissor doors.
However, Lamborghini are not alone in Singapore.

As Singapore’s economy continues to go from strength to strength, all the ultra-high end sports car manufacturers have experienced growth in sales this year.

According to data by the Singapore Land Transport Authority, there were registrations of fifty-nine Ferraris, thirty-two Aston Martins and forty-seven Bentleys during 2010.

Sales this year have already overtaken those from 2009 where thirty-two Ferraris, twenty-five Aston Martins and forty-five Bentleys were sold.

The Lamborghini P700-4 will make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, when its official name will also be announced.


Rebecca Smith
Ocean Villas Group