Singapore Employment Pass, a work Visas for Professionals and Entrepreneurs


To encourage foreign entrepreneurs and professionals to setup a Singapore company and work in the country, the government provides a work permit called Employment Pass for those who will meet with these following qualifications:

A Diploma/degree from a reputable university
Related work experience
At least a minimum S$ 2,500 monthly salary
Professional qualifications and skills

These four factors play an important role for the approval of the Singapore Employment Pass.  However, the Ministry of Manpower may also base its decision on the reputation of the applicant’s company, his job responsibility, his age, and current citizenship.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that having a degree does not automatically mean that a person is qualified for Employment Pass since he also needs to meet the criteria in terms of work experience and professional skills.  In fact, some foreigners may qualify for this work permit even if they will not meet the educational criteria as long their professional skills are highly impressive or sought after.

The validity of Employment Pass usually lasts a year or two.  And during this period, individuals who have this work visa  can easily travel in and out of the country without any hassle.

Also, the Employment Pass holders can apply for a permanent residence status just after six month of staying in Singapore, although it is highly recommended that you apply after some years in Singapore.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of manpower will send a mail to the employers of the Employment Pass holders two months before the expiry date of the work permit.  After this, the holders should be able to submit their renewal application to the department four weeks before their permit expires.

One of the advantages enjoyed by the Employment Pass holders is that their family members can apply for the Dependent Pass and Long-term Visit Pass that will allow them to visit and stay in Singapore for a longer period.

Family members who are qualified for Dependent Pass:

Unmarried children, including those who are legally adopted, aged under 21 years old

Family members who are qualified for Long-term Visit Pass:

Handicapped children regardless of their age
Unmarried children, including those who are legally adopted, aged under 21 years old

Dependent Pass and Long-term Visa Pass holders can enter and leave Singapore without having to apply for a visa as long as their relatives still continue their employment or business in the country.