Singapore Dependent Pass: Visa for Family Members of Foreign Entrepreneurs


Family members of foreign businessmen, shareholders of a Singapore company, professionals, and vocational workers can stay in the country if they will apply for Dependent Pass which is also known as the Family Visa.

According to Rikvin, a business solutions provider in Singapore, holders of Dependent Pass can enter and leave the country anytime they want without having to apply for visa as long as their relatives are employed in a Singaporean company, their business is still in operation, or their Employment Pass, Entrepass, and S Pass are not yet expired.

These family members are generally qualified for a Dependant Pass stated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM):

Unmarried children aged under 21 years old including step children and those who are legally adopted by their parents
Babies born in the country – if a documented worker or entrepreneur gives birth in Singapore, she will receive a letter from the hospital.  The letter must be submitted to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority which will then issue a Social Visit Pass that is valid for 42 days.  During this period, the parent should apply for the Dependant Pass for her baby.

Meanwhile, MOM requires these documents for family members planning to file for Dependant Pass:

Children under 21 years of age are required to provide a copy of their birth certificate.
Adopted children should have a copy of their adoption certificate.
A passport-sized photo (taken within three months)
If applicable, school enrolment details if the children are studying in Singapore or their educational details abroad.
Spouses are required to provide a copy of their marriage certificate.
A copy of the applicants’ passport (specifically the personal particulars page)

Parents of applicants under 16 years old should sign the Dependant Pass on behalf of their children.  In addition, they should provide a certificate copy in its original language to MOM.
Just like most work permits, the applicants for the Dependant Pass should be sponsored by the employers of the foreign workers.

It is important to note that the Dependant Pass holders are allowed to live and study in Singapore; they may also be allowed to work if their family members are Employment Pass holders and there is an employer willing to apply for a Letter of Consent in their behalf.  

Dependant Pass holders can study in Singapore without having to file for a student visa.  But if they want to pursue higher education in the country, they should apply for this type of visa.
Generally, the Dependant Pass holders are qualified for a permanent residence status if the Employment Pass holders have been approved with their petition.  (Both Dependant Pass and Employment Pass can file their application for permanent status at the same time.)