Singapore Condo ? Pleasure To Live In The City


Singapore, in recent years has grown into being a tourist hotspot It attracts a lot of tourists off late And the radical development that the city has seen has made the price of properties shoot up by leaps and bounds Policies that have changed in favour of property ownership, has it’s many plus points These condos are becoming much sought after these days

One of the massive favourites in terms of property purchases in Singapore is the condominium, better known as Singapore condo There were many laws previously in the city regarding the purchase of condos, with foreign buyers only being allowed to purchase condos in buildings having more than six storeys But that restriction has been removed So all those who simply love to live in a condo and that too posses one of their own in Singapore , can buy it without any restrictions now

Prospective purchasers of condos , have to follow specific laws to be able to buy condos in Singapore there are some pre requisites for buying a condo in Singapore For buying a condo, you must be a resident of Singapore, if not a citizen The Temporary Occupation Permit is given to Singapore residents so that they can work without any problems in Singapore This time frame has been assigned for the completion of purchase of condo by a resident of Singapore, who has been granted Temporary Occupation Permit. It must be noted that Corporate bodies do not have the privilege of buying condos in Singapore But on the brighter side of things, if you are a part of a corporate body residing in Singapore, you are allowed to buy condos even in the eleventh year from the issue date of the Temporary Occupation Permit

So for those residing in the city permanently or as a part of a corporate organization, it is best to scout out the location you have decided to buy the condo in. Right information can be taken from the property developers There are many Singapore new launch condos in their eleventh year, and it would be good to find out about them, especially by the member of corporate bodies.

This could be an option in case you want to consider something else than the Executive Singapore Condo projects. Of course money you are willing t spend and your residential status will decide what you want to buy. While you believe in this , you have also to remember that this city has a flourishing economical sector . This has no doubt then , given huge monetary gains to the property developers For this reason do take a sleek preview of the types of Singapore new launch condo that are available

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