Singapore Company Registration Guide


There are many things to consider for entrepreneurs who would like to incorporate a Singapore company. Entrepreneurs should be able to choose the appropriate business structure for their company, they should be able to apply for work visa for themselves and for their employees and they should be able to get the right people for their operation.

However, prior all these procedures and requirements, entrepreneurs should be able to come up with a unique business name. It is required for both local and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to register a Singapore company to choose the right company name and domain. Given the importance of online commerce in today’s world, it is important to choose a name where both the business name and the website domain name are same, where possible.

Entrepreneurs should begin with the three simple steps of company name check offered by Rikvin prior to Singapore company registration and formal Singapore company setup:

Availability Check
Rikvin’s name check of your proposed company name/s will include name availability and conformity. This ensures that your proposed name doesn’t violate any basic rules as laid out by the authorities.

Two name choices
We recommend that you provide us with two proposed company name choices.
In cases when the first choice is not available, a check will be done on the alternate second choice.

A form is provided for clients to fill out. Rikvin will do a preliminary check to see if your preferred name choice is available.
You will receive an email alert on the outcome of the name check within the same business day.
All information is kept confidential.

Note that a business name cannot be similar to a business name already existing in Singapore. If the name is not unique or is already in use, the company registration authority will not allow the company name registration to proceed.

After a business name is established, entrepreneurs should start preparing for the minimum requirements of incorporation and start securing necessary documents. The following are the most common requirements for Singapore company incorporation:

Minimum 1 Shareholder + 1 Resident Director + 1 Company Secretary

Minimum initial paid-up share capital is S$ 1

Singapore Company must have a Singapore registered office address

For a complete Singapore company registration guide, please do not hesitate to communicate with Singapore’s company registration firms like Rikvin.